How To Improve At Bikram Yoga Poses

If you are new to Bikram yoga, then let me tell you that you will be doing a 26 asana vinyasa over a period of 90 minutes. The poses remain the same, with each session allowing you to get deeper into the pose, in an intense way, allowing your body to brace the heat you experience. Practicing at a temperature of 105 degrees is a tough task, but is definitely an adorable workout form for those who love fitness challenges. Despite being challenging, people quite often advice the standard Bikram vinyasa to the beginners, especially if their target is weight loss in a shorter time span.

Just small changes with each session and you will be able to find yourself mastering the art of Bikram yoga. Here are few tips that could come handy for you while attempting to improve the Bikram yoga asanas.

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What can you do to enhance your Bikram Yoga vinyasa

  1. Practice more

If you really want to reap the benefits this yoga form has in store, then a minimum of 10 90-minute sessions a month is a must. The more the frequency of your practice is, the higher your improvisations will be. You should be practicing alternate days, ideally, to deepen the poses. Regular practice will help the body to stretch in a better way, improving your flexibility and allowing your challenge yourself over the time.

  1. Intensity should be the key with standing poses

Standing asanas cover the initial 45 minutes in these hot yoga classes. This is done with the intention of warming you up internally so that your body is completely prepared to embrace the deep stretches coming from the second half. Hence, it is advisable to concentrate on intensifying the poses, at the same time improving your endurance levels.

  1. Deepen your poses in the floor poses

Once you enter the second half, challenge your body. Focus on deepening each of the pose while executing floor vinyasa. The warmth that is generated during the initial phase will allow you to do this. That is why it is advisable to intensify the first phase.

  1. Your teacher solely should be your guide

There are countless literatures and write-ups available across the world that talks about Bikram yoga. And, you will be tempted to try out what has been put up there. But, never do that! Just listen and follow the instructions your teacher tells you. This will shield you from injuries, at the same time help you deepen and improvise your practice with time.

  1. Water is a must

Keep yourself hydrated thoroughly before your class. And that too before two hours! Stay away from food and water 120 minutes before you being the class. You must eat a healthy snack and load up with water before this time to allow you to improvise the pose. Any kind of hunger or dehydration could hamper your goals.

  1. Stay away if you are not well

Any kind of illness, be it a common cold or bloating up, make sure you are not practicing the class. The slightest disturbance experienced by your body will prevent you from improvising.

  1. Check the diet

When I say diet plays a major role in helping you improve Bikram Yoga, I meant it. Refined flour and sugar should be a strict no as it will help in easing the inflammation experienced at the joints, which otherwise could create an obstacle for your mobility. While there are no written evidences supporting this, it is believed that avoiding refined foods, including pasta, sugar, and bread, as well as lowering the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and junk foods could help in improving the quality of practice.

You need to be patient and give yourself sufficient time to improve the practice and enjoy the beauty of each pose. Listen to your body carefully. If you experience any kind of discomforts while stretching, slow down. Never push yourself while in pain, lest are ready to pack up injured. Start with a 30 day challenge under a trained professional to improve yourself, physically, mentally, and psychologically. Remember your mind rules your body and vice versa. So, listen to their needs and they will help you!