How To Improve Blood Circulation

You must have heard of blood circulation in the body but you may perhaps not know about its importance. Well, if you don’t there’s nothing wrong about it – not particularly – for not everybody is aware of it. There are several organs in your body and each organ requires blood supply for various reasons. One of the most important reasons why you need to have a good blood circulation is that the organs need the supply of oxygen in the ample amount. If the blood circulation is good, the body parts get the proper oxygen. Other nutrients too are carried by the blood to the different parts of the body. Your heart pumps the blood to different organs resulting in blood circulation. Therefore, to maintain the good circulation level, you also need to have a healthy heart. Here are some ways to increase the blood circulation in your body.

Keep A Check On What You Are Eating

Healthy Diet

Your diet plays an important role in determining the blood circulation level in your body. What you eat is directly proportional to your health. It is true that most of the food items that taste good are unhealthy. If you are eating too much of fatty or oily food, it affects the blood flow in the body. The fat gets deposited in the arteries and affects the blood circulation. You should eat food that is can be digested easily and contains lesser amount of fat and sugar. Eating vegetables and fruits more increases the blood circulation level.

Drink Lots of Water

drink water

Drinking water is an age old therapy for a lot of things. We drink water only just enough to quench our thirst. However, you need to drink water according to your body mass index or BMI. Divide your weight by 20 and the result should be the number of liters of water you should be drinking. For instance, if your body weight is 80 Kg, you should drink at least 4 liters of water every day. If you have not been drinking this much water, initially it will be very difficult for you. However, with regular practice you will be able to drink more water. When you will start drinking water, you will see some positive changes. Water keeps you hydrated and you will feel the increase in the energy level in your body. But make sure that you don’t drink water right before or after a meal. Drink water at least 30 minutes before eating and 1 hour after it. Drinking right amount of water does not only increase the blood circulation, it also helps in improving your digestion system and gives vitality to skin.

Daily Exercise Increases Blood Circulation


Most of us are so busy in our daily lives that we are not able to find time for ourselves. But lack of time is not the only reason why people do not exercise. Exercising requires hard work and a lot of people are too lazy to do it. However, if you want a long and healthy life then regular exercise is extremely important. Although weight exercises help in increasing the blood circulation to some extent, cardiovascular exercises are much more effective. There are several types of cardio exercises you can do. For instance, you can go for running or jogging. You can also run on the treadmill. You can do cycling. You can also mix different types of cardio exercises. For example, if you are a gym regular, you can do the treadmill running and cycling along with some aerobic exercises.

Running on the treadmill has some benefits as you can monitor the distance you have run and the speed at which you have run. Additionally, you can also monitor the amount of calories you have burn in the process. But running in the open air has its benefits too. You get to breathe the fresh air if you run in the morning which gives you plenty of oxygen to the body.

Stop Smoking And Drinking

alcohol smoking

There are certain addictions which are bad and affect the blood circulation. For instance, if you are a regular smoker then the nicotine and tar generated from smoking will affect the blood circulation. Therefore, if you want to increase the blood circulation level, it is highly recommended that you quit smoking. If you are not able to quit it completely at least reduce it. Smoking does not only affect your blood circulation level directly but it also affects it indirectly. You may have noticed that regular smoking reduced your stamina and even a small amount of physical activity causes you being out of breath. Therefore, if you are a smoker, you will find it difficult to do the exercises that help increase the blood circulation level. Alcohol also affects the circulation. Therefore, reduce the alcohol intake to increase blood circulation.