How To Improve Your Pull-Ups

There are many types of exercises you can resort to nowadays to keep yourself fit and live a healthy life. However, hardly anything comes close to pull-ups. Performing pull-ups with ease is something not everyone is capable of doing. It needs a blend of core and grip strength and relative strength. To do pull ups with ease, you need to practice and learn the correct ways. If you do not master the correct ways, the exercise can prove to be tedious. Besides, you may end up hurting the body if you do not learn the proper ways to do pull ups.

Below listed are a few effective ways to enhance pull-ups:

Fixing Pull Up

Performing Pull ups are about efficiency. A lot of people performing pull ups fail to move the shortest length and this increases risk of getting injured.

pull ups

Get Rid of Excess Flab

Your capacity to do pull ups will be greatly reduced if there is excess fat in your body, especially around the waistline. As it is, you need to do exercise to get rid of fat. Before beginning pull ups, it is better if you lose flab in the belly and waistline.

Begin In The Right Position

A lot of people often start doing pull ups in so called dead hang position. It is not advisable at all. Ensure the shoulders do not touch the ears and scapula is not elevated. If you do this, the tension is on tendons and ligaments and not on your muscles. Instead, as you get on the bar, try to lock the shoulders into sockets. It is better position and ensures the stress is placed on the muscles. The ligaments and tendons are spared from stress.

Getting The Right Setup

When your body hangs from a bar, engage core part and point the feet downwards. The stomach should be pulled in and both hips need to be leveled. Resist the urge to bend knees backwards as it can lead to weakness.

Getting The Right Motion

You have to evade the desire to push the body away from bar and move the torso in a circular manner. You should focus on pulling the body straight up closer to the bar. While moving in circular manner can make the workout simpler keep in mind that it can be risky.

Mind The Elbow Bend

This is another aspect you need to be careful about if improving pull ups is a priority. The elbow bend should be very slight as it has an impact on your body. It is a mistake to begin the exercise with the elbows totally locked. This pose again puts stress on your ligaments and tendons. For every successive rep you need to lower the body till arms become almost straightened.

Using Assisted Pull-Up Machine

Another method to improve quality of pull –ups is by deploying a device meant for aiding in the exercise. These assisted pull-up machines can easily be found in fitness clubs and gyms these days. If you want, buying them is also possible. Pull-up assistance machines actually counterbalance a section of body weight, enabling you to do more pull-ups than what you can achieve otherwise. It is ideal for beginners or those who have started the workout.

Resorting To Jumping Pull Ups

When you work out, adding some variations can be useful and this is applicable for pull-ups as well. This is not tedious as such. When you are holding on to a bar, jump to get into chin-up position and then lower body to floor level. Of course, jumping pull ups are easier to do than regular pull-ups. Mixing both can be ideal for you. In fact, mixing both types does wonders for your muscles.

Learning How To Strengthen The Grip

A lot of people cannot do pull ups well just because their grip remains weak. As you strengthen your grip, doing pull–ups will be far easier to do. To do pull ups better, you can try using weight lifting straps. If you use them when doing pull ups the weak grip will not be a problem anymore. It will ensure you can do a few more reps without getting worn out.