How To Inculcate Good Sleep Habits In Babies

Having a good night’s sleep is essential for everyone, and so it is for babies too. Babies need to sleep for atleast 15 hours a day to grow and develop properly, and having a sound sleep is one of the basic necessities of a baby.

Good habits start early, and no matter how young your baby is, it is always a good time to get him to establish a proper sleep routine as early as possible- not only will it help your baby sleep better, but will also help him sleep at the right time- no fusses.

Here are a few steps to help you inculcate good sleeping habits in your baby.

Dinner Rules

One of the best and most effective ways to ensure that your baby sleeps well and easily is to put him to sleep around 30 minutes after his dinner. Most babies get drowsy naturally after their tummy is full, and if you notice it, it would be a good time to get your baby changed into his night clothes, ready to fall asleep.

Avoid putting your baby to sleep right after dinner- it can actually slow down digestion and is not good for health- even for babies.


Sleep Time

It is always good to develop a regular sleep pattern for your baby right from the beginning- this will help your baby sleep at the right time, and he’ll be less fussy during the day too. Experiment with different timings and situations to help your baby fall asleep everyday at a particular time- many a times, sleeping in a different place or having a different atmosphere around can mess up with your baby’s sleep- so if your baby likes sleeping in a particular way, try to create that environment everyday.

It is also a good idea to get your baby to understand that daytime is reserved for playing and night time is reserved for sleeping.

Soothing Techniques

Many babies have trouble falling asleep just because they’re not in the correct mood to sleep- they may be active from all the playing and cuddling going on, and will obviously not be ready to sleep when you want him to. That’s when you can try and implement some basic soothing techniques to get your baby in a calm and relaxed mode- ready for sleep. It can be something as simple as singing a lullaby or changing your baby into his night clothes.

Ideal Environment

Another easy way to get your child to sleep much more easily is to create a comfortable atmosphere for him. You could do that by ensuring that his sheets are fresh and clean, his diaper is changed, and he is in soft, loose and comfortable clothes- all ready to fall asleep. It is always best to have your baby sleep in a place that is not noisy or chaotic- this will keep your baby from being distracted and will help him fall asleep easily.

Put away all the extra stuff from his bed- even pillows, and make sure that the bed is firm and comfortable.

Bath Time

If your baby is having trouble falling asleep, getting him started for a bathing routine right before bed could be a good idea. Having a short, warm bath right before bed could get your child to be more relaxed and fresh, and therefore, more likely to fall asleep sooner. You could also try singing a lullaby to him or read out a story to him while bathing him.

Do not try to overstimulate or force your baby to fall asleep- just let him come to it naturally.