How To Keep Babies Cool In Hot Weather

Very often babies do not show signs or symptoms of being affected by the heat even though they are. So watch out for any of the following signs to know that your baby is not doing so well because of the heat and once you have identified the same you can take corrective action. The main signs to look out for are – looking pale and unwell, being irritable, more than usual, having redder and drier skin, refusing to drink or feed and having fewer nappy changes than usual.

Keep Your Baby Well Hydrated

Make sure your baby gets enough fluids to drink. Small amounts of cooled boiled water can be given between feeds, if the baby is having other foods. Avoid salted or fizzy and sugared drinks.

Keep Babies Cool in Hot Summer

Regularly Sponge The Baby Down

Regularly sponge the baby with lukewarm water, or try a lukewarm soak and bath. Do not be tempted to use cold water even if the baby is warm to the touch. Dress your baby in light, cotton loose clothing.

Choose A Cool Place To Put Your Baby To Sleep

Choose the coolest place in the house for your baby to sleep. And make sure there is enough air circulating around the cot. Remove any additional liners or padding. Avoid putting babies to sleep in a pram which tends to become hot. Try and use a fan, although not directly on the baby to make sure there is enough cool air circulating in the room. Keep your baby’s bedroom cool during the day by closing blinds or curtains. If you are using an air conditioner, then cover the baby properly and keep an eye to see that the baby is not getting too cold. Do not set the temperature below 24 degrees C.

Paddling Pools Keep A Baby Cool

Allowing your baby to play in a paddling pool is a good way of keeping them cool. Keep the pool in the shade during very hot weather and supervise your baby at all times.

Going Out With Your Baby, When It’s Hot

If you have to go out, try and avoid taking your baby during periods of extreme heat. Protect your baby’s skin from the sun by keeping using a special baby sun screen and a floppy hat that covers a large part of their face. You should make the baby wear thin extra loose clothing in light colors and of cotton fabric. If you are travelling by car, avoid it when it is hot. Try and travel earlier in the day. The rising car temperature can heat up the baby considerably. Do not leave babies or pets alone in a car, even if you are using air-conditioning as it stresses them out. Make sure you use sun shades in the car, so that the baby is protected from direct sunlight. In the baby capsule, do not cover your baby up as this can lead to over-heating.

Look Out And Treat Prickly Heat Rashes

Many times because of the overwhelming heat your baby can burst into prickly heat – a kind of rash of tiny little red pin-head spots, with tiny blisters.It is fairly common in hot weather on those parts of the skin that remain moist, such as in the nappy area or under the chin. Light creams should help. Change the baby’s clothes more often, and wipe down to help. You can also use specially formulated talc for prickly heat for toddlers.

Heat Stroke Needs Immediate Attention

A heat stroke is of more serious nature and occurs when a lot of body water is lost and a baby’s temperature starts to rise. In some cases, if severe, it causes damage to the body organs and it can be fatal. Rising body temperature, dark colored urine, passing less frequently, dry mouth, dryness in the eyes, sleepiness, lethargy are all indications of the baby suffering from a heat stroke. Immediately start giving the baby fluids. Cooled boiled water is a good choice – small amounts frequently. Do not force feed. Do not force any sugared water or cold drinks down the baby’s throat. Cover your baby with cool damp cloths. If the situation doesn’t improve, ask for a doctor or take the baby to a nearby hospital. Do not delay.

Pay attention to your baby’s appearance and behavior because they cannot communicate with you that they are feeling jot and uncomfortable, rather they express that from their actions and moods. Once you have diagnosed the signs that your baby is uncomfortable because of the heat provide some relief by following the suggestions given above.