How To Keep Kids Hydrated

Most parents remain on tenterhooks to ensure their kids remain healthy and they do whatever is required for that. From feeding them in time to managing their medications and vaccinations, it is a tall task indeed. No matter if your kid is gentle or playful, keeping him or her hydrated can prove to be a challenge at times. This can be even tougher in summer months. As you know, when the body is not hydrated, several health conditions can set in. You cannot expect a kid to carry a water bottle at all times- it is just not practical!

However, there are a few methods that you can use to ensure that your toddler stays hydrated most of the times.

Tips To Keep Your Kids Hydrated

1. Giving Them Water

girl drinking water

Yes, it is tough to make small kids, playful ones, sip water a lot but you should try your best. Nothing hydrates the body better than water. Try the tricks that work best with your kids like their favourite toys, comic books or TV shows and make them sip water whenever possible. Add ice cubes to water at times.

2. Fruit Juice

Apple Juice

While most kids will want those bright coloured fizzy drinks available in most malls and stores, you should make a better choice. Make delicious fruit juices at home. To add flavour to homemade fruit and vegetable juices, be a little experimental at times. For example, you can add cardamom, ginger and lemon juice to vegetable juices to make them taste yummier. Add small fruit slices in fruit juice for variety.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt and milk

Giving kids a flavoured yogurt is a nice way to keep them hydrated. However, it would be better if you offer them unflavoured and low fat yogurt. To make yogurt more appealing to kids, sprinkle a few cashew nuts and raisins on top. You may also sprinkle some strawberry or cherry atop yogurt to add to flavour, looks and texture as well.

4. Milk

Chocolate Milk

Many toddlers will throw tantrums when you offer them milk in general! You can add some chocolate flavour or cocoa powder. Add honesty instead of sugar in it. Freeze the milk and before serving, sprinkle some chopped cashew on top.

5. Smoothies


Smoothies are ideal when you want to keep kids hydrated and ensure they get a dose of nutrients at the same time. Use yogurt and milk with various fruits to introduce variety in taste and flavour. Drop two or three ice cubes in the glass before serving.

6. Fresh Fruit

citrus fruits

Munching on fresh fruits and fruit slices is also ideal for hydration. Fruits like pineapple, mango, orange, apple, and pomegranate are high in water and nutrients. Offer such fruits to your kids at breakfast and these can also serve as snacks very well. Freeze fruit slices and serve them chilled in summer days to make kids lured.

7. Ice Creams

Ice Cream and Yogurt

Just like fruit juices, you can make delicious ice creams at home. This will ensure your kids get a nice way to stay hydrated without eating the products laced with artificial colours and preservatives. Use various fruits to make delicious ice creams at home. Just ensure you do not use much sugar as the fruits contain natural sugar in them.

8. Make Drinking Water and Juices Fun

Sometimes the way you offer beverage or juices to a kid also plays a role in like or dislike. You may use cups and glasses with superhero figures imprinted on them. The funky Spiderman logo glass is more likely to appeal to a toddler than plastic glass for sure. You may also pick cups and glasses featuring their favourite cartoon characters.