How To Keep Newborns Awake During Breastfeeding

The newborns, most of the time, begin their feeding session when they are hungry and wide awake. But, they tiny eyes slowly become heavy as feeding lulls them to deep sleep. The newborns sleep within seconds they start feeding, quite often without consuming enough milk. Keeping the newborns awake while feeding is essential to prevent them from getting dehydrated. So, what exactly can you do? Here is a couple of effective tips that you could follow.

Keep The Sucking Slow

Newborns are very eager to finish their feeding session at the earliest. In the process, they start sucking quite vigorously only to drift off to sleep. Keep your baby awake by stimulating her as soon as she starts the signs of slowing down. You could tickle under the chin gently with your fingers or just pat gently under the feet. You could also use breast compression to encourage faster sucking. Compress the breasts she is sucking from to increase the flow of milking. Do it at regular intervals to ensure that your baby sucks faster.

falling asleep while breastfeeding

Switching The Breasts

Ideally, it is essential to wait till your baby finished nursing one side. But if she sleeps off, switch the breasts that could interrupt the process and wake her up. You could also put her on your shoulders and attempt to make her burp. Babies wake up when they burp. You could also change the diaper between the switch. Undress your baby and clean him with a wipe. This could wake her up. Once she is awake, you could switch the sides.


Create Interruptions Intentionally

This does not sound so comfortable, but could be done for a brief period so that she does not slip into sleep while feeding. You could slowly place your index finger in between her lips and your nipple and withdraw the latter. This break, normally, stimulates the baby to wake up. Switching the breasts or changing the nursing positions could also be of help to wake up a drowsy angel.

Create Interruptions Intentionally

Tips To Keep Newborn Awake During A Feed:

Here are few more tips you could try!

  1. Change the diaper in between the feeding
  2. Massage or tickle the feet or hands of your newborn
  3. Stoker her face
  4. Tickle her spine by walking your fingers gently over it
  5. Blow gently on her face
  6. Place a wet wipe on her neck
  7. Talk to your baby
  8. Feed the baby in a noisy surrounding
  9. Tap the fingers gently, yet firmly on the crown of your baby
  10. Massage the palms of your baby in circles using your thumbs

There might be times you fail to wake her up. In such events, allow her to sleep for a little while and then try waking her up again. Keep your feeding session to a maximum of 50 minutes as babies sleep off after that.

Your baby could be sleeping off during a feeding session because of inadequate sleep. Ensure that the baby sleeps properly, without any disturbance, so that she receives adequate nutrition for her growth. Have you face such a situation? What did you do? Share with us your views!