How To Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter

In winter, it becomes essential to keep all parts of your body warm, irrespective of age and gender. While most people are more careful about covering body, neck and head, keeping legs warm is also very essential. With cold and wet legs, you will become more susceptible to catching cold and it is an uncomfortable experience. There are several ways, including common sense and practical methods with which you can keep legs warm in winter months.

Selecting The Right Sock Is of Paramount Importance

This is the key to keeping your legs warm and snug in cold weather. Selecting the wrong type of socks can lead to discomfort, catching cold and related complications. Cotton socks should be avoided during winter months. They can actually make your feet colder. They absorb and retain moisture. If they get wet, they practically do not have any insulation value.

Keep Your Feet Warm

To keep feet warm in winter months, choose socks made of wool, fleece. You can find thick woolen socks of varying lengths nowadays. There are various types of wool used in making socks, but merino wools are the best option. Some nylon wool blends also work well. Wearing two socks may be a good idea, but ensure the boot is spacious enough to allow circulation in legs properly.

Using Woolen Slippers

When you are inside home and the floor is not wooden, using woolen slippers doors can be a great idea to keep feet warm. They can insulate your feet from all angles during chilly winter days.

Keeping Feet Dry With Winter Boots

Despite the best efforts, you may find it necessary to brave snowfall and extreme winds during peak winter days. At such times, your priority should be preventing feet from getting wet. This can happen when ice or snow gets inside the boots. This can make woolen socks wet and leading to cold feet. Therefore, ensure you buy one or more pair of rugged and suitable winter boots.

A few factors should be taken into account before you buy winter boots.

There are various types of winter boots. Think of the material and ruggedness of the boot. Some leather based boots with waterproof layer are being sold these days apart from conventional Gore-Tex and rubberized materials. Consider the winter severity in your region. If it rains during winter in the region, you may need hardy winter boots with exterior waterproof layering.

Wearing Right Sized Boots In Winter

It is also important that you select right size boots. Loose fitting boots may allow snow to seep inside and make socks wet. Similarly, tight boots may be inadequate for circulation in legs.

Using Toe Warmers

Some people resort to using toe warmers during snowfall. They are for single time usage. They can keep toes insulated for 4 to 6 hours.

Making Feet Warm Before Stepping Out

This is very simple but effective in cold weather when you want to step outside. Make feet warm by dipping them inside a tub of warm water. Pat dry the feet and put on socks. You will feel more comfortable afterwards.

Using Hot Packs

You can use hot packs to keep your feet warm before you sleep during freezing winter days. If you find the room heater inadequate to warm the legs, try the microwavable hot packs that have non toxic gel filled inside and soft cover. Once heated, they can be used to keep your feet warm for several hours in bed. For affordable alternatives, you can heat microwavable bottles after filling them with water and put your legs on them. They may be adequate for some time.