How To Lose Weight With Oatmeal – 10 Ways

Oatmeal is a healthy and tasty food that is adored by people across all ages and genders. Studies suggest that it is one of the best foods to be incorporated in your daily meal if you are aiming for weight loss. Packed generously with dietary fiber, this delectable whole grain food accelerates weight loss. It is also one of the most commendable storehouses of resistant starch. Eating a breakfast packed with oatmeal and yogurt and fruit helps you stay hunger-free for a longer time as it digests slowly. The digestive acids are released quite slowly, thereby suppressing the appetite levels and promoting calorie burning.

According to a study conducted on the relationship between oatmeal and weight loss, inclusion of 5% of the resistant starch filled carbohydrate could boost the metabolic rate by 23%. Here are 10 interesting ways you could use oatmeal to lose weight!

1. Use Them As Substitute For Breadcrumbs

rolled chops in breadcrumbs

rolled raw chops in breadcrumbs

Roll your meatloaf, chicken nuggets, and cutlets in rolled oats instead of breadcrumbs. It is one of the best ways to sneak in oatmeal into your meals. You could bake these into those lip-smacking crunchy bites and no one would ever say no to this one.

2. Use To Make Your Granola Bars

Granola Bars

I love this. Handful of oats tossed in honey and grass-fed butter and with a little good dose of nuts and flax seeds make the perfect granola bar. It cuts down your size and the helps you save more.

3. Top Your Pancakes And Stuff Your Parathas

oatmeal pancakes

Traditional pancake and paratha recipes call for the use of refined flours as well as other carbohydrate-based flours. Swap out the flour, sugar, and margarine for healthy bananas, oats, eggs, and a little butter. Your fluffy pancake is now a dose of protein and tummy filling fiber. Use oats with cottage cheese to make a filling paratha.

4. Add To Your Flour


Powder a batch of oats and keep it aside to be used in your waffles, desserts, and breads. You do get them in the market, but homemade oat flour pretty easy to prepare and pocket friendly too. You could use it in all those places you use refined flour.

5. Toppings And Garnishes For Your Muffins And Cookies

oats muffins

Chuck out sugar and sprinkle a generous amount of toasted oats flavored with a little honey or maple syrup atop your cookies and muffins. Even though muffins are not that healthy a breakfast option, you could give it a healthy twist by using oat flour in the batter. Additional health – oats sprinkle!

6. Add It To Your Omelet

oatmeal omelette

Well, this might not sound so cute, but trust me it tastes awesome. Golden roast oats and toss it with a little white pepper powder. Prepare the omelet as usual and add the oats once it is 3/4th cooked. Serve hot with additional oats sprinkle for a filling meal.

7. Blend It Into A Milkshake And Smoothie

oats milkshake

If milkshakes and smoothies are your on-the-go breakfast options, oats could easily make them complete. A handful of berries, low fat yogurt or milk, and half a cup of oats – your complete tasty and healthy breakfast is ready.

8. Healthy Soup And Stew Thickeners

oats soup

Pulverize oats into a fine powder and use it to thicken your soups, stews, sauces, and curries. They will taste better and of course, you will be benefited with accelerated weight loss.

9. Use It In Your Pizzas, Burgers, And Salads

Oat Flour Pizza

You could use oat flour while you make the base for your pizza. Toasted oats also makes a great topping for the pizza. Use a baked oat-based patty in the place of your potato-rich patty. Oats also get along well with meat patties. Mix in roasted oats to your salads and toss well for that added crunch.

10. Freeze It


Oatmeal is great to be enjoyed as a dessert too. Just cook the oatmeal, pack it with non-flavored yogurt, honey, and fruits and allow it to set. Enjoy the next day!

How do you use oatmeal for weight loss? Share a few ideas with us!