How To Lose Weight with Reflexology

Obesity continues to be a major health hazard affecting several millions men and women across the world. While obesity can be caused by numerous reasons, the ways to get rid of this menace can be varied as well. Popular weight loss options include adhering to specialized diets, exercises, yoga and usage of specialized apparatus. With time, alternate weight loss options are also becoming popular among the obese lot. One such instance is reflexology.

What is reflexology

Reflexology can be defined as a science that is based on the theory that specific reflex points are located on human foot and hand. These reflex regions are linked with major body organs and glands. Hence, stimulation generated at such places can affect the organs eventually and this can be used to cure health problems. It was practiced in the ancient days of human civilization too.

foot reflexology

Why and how to use reflexology for weight loss

Proponents of reflexology suggest using it on specific parts of foot to facilitate weight loss. There are plenty of nerves in human feet and these nerves are linked to specific processes and functions in the body. These nerves are linked with vital glands, like the pituitary. A veteran reflexologist is well versed in dealing with those nerves in foot and hand. While a person with in depth knowledge in reflexology can practice the measures personally for weight loss, initially it is better to seek the services of a specialist.

Using Foot reflexology therapy for losing excess weight

In this method, you have to learn about pressure points on feet linked with digestive organs and spleen. You have to work on these points for 5 minutes a day.

  • Hold your left foot with the right hand and use left thumb to work on spleen reflex. By stimulating spleen hunger pangs are reduced.
  • By cradling the left foot with right hand and pressing pancreas and stomach reflex points with left thumb, you help the body to soak in nutrients from foods.
  • It is also necessary to work on reflex points linked with gall bladder. It is necessary because this organ stores bile. The bile actually emulsifies fats in food, which aids weight loss.
  • By working on foot reflex points that are related or in other words associated to the endocrine glands, hormone secretion is affected positively, and thus inducing right appetite. The nerves linked with thyroid are at the base of the big toe. These reflex points can be used to control stress as well.

Sleep plays a role in weight loss, say the doctors. By working on foot reflex points you can soothe the body muscles and organs which induce sleep.

Using hand reflexology for losing excess weight

hand reflexology chart

If you lead a hectic life and lack enough time to work on reflex points on your feet, hand reflex points can be used. You can use reflexology charts to locate specific points in hand.

Like the way you work on your foot reflex points for spleen and other glands, use those nerve points on the hands. To work on the endocrine glands, you have to deal with the base and middle part of thumbs on both of your hands, for example. It is necessary to apply pressure firmly on and reflex points, but ensure the pressure is not too much for your comfort.

You have to keep in mind that reflex points in your hand are located on smaller regions in your hand compared to the foot. Therefore, you need to be careful and work slowly to obtain maximum benefits.

Tips for success in reflexology based weight loss

While working with hand and foot reflex zones aids in losing weight, there is no reason you should not be careful about what you eat. Eating nutritious meals and exercising while practicing reflexology therapy can bring optimum results.