How To Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry

Weight loss happens when calorie burning is more than its intake. Along with exercise, controlling the portions you consume becomes essential, but that does not mean you have to go hungry. Portion control is a misunderstood concept. People, in general, deprive themselves of food. The result – they start feeling hungry very quickly and soon end up binging. The key rule is cut down the total calories you consume, but at the same time keep yourself full. Here are 10 golden rules that will help you lose weight without feeling hungry.

10 Golden Rules For Wight Loss Without Starving

1. Say No To Processed Sugars And Preservatives

No To Excessive sugar

Sugar, to be more precise white sugar, is your prime enemy when it comes to weight loss. While it might give you a feel full effect when you consume it, you will soon start feeling hungry. Avoid preservative rich foods as well as they work akin to sugar.

2. Embrace Healthy Breakfast


People who eat healthy breakfast, packed with proteins, lose weight more effectively than those who skip it, says studies. Along with giving you the fuel essential for the day, this is known to prevent hungry pangs throughout the day.

3. Water Is Your Friend

drinking water

Start your day with 300 ml water. Drink about 2 to 3 liters of water every day. Add 1 tbsp honey and ½ a teaspoon each of black pepper, dry ginger, and long pepper powders to 1 liter of water and keep sipping this throughout the day. You will feel that you are not hungry.

4. Fill Up On Fiber

Dietary fiber

Fibers keep you full. That is why it is advised to include loads of fruits, sprouted legumes, and vegetables in your diet. The digestion process is slower, thereby leaving you with a feel full option for longer.

5. Snack Healthily

post workout snacks

A snack in between two meals is a good way to prevent that feeling hungry emotion. Make sure your snack is a perfect blend of healthy fats, fiber, and protein.

6. Choose Foods That Contain More Water


According to studies, munching on foods rich in water such as watermelon and cucumber is known to keep you full, thwarting off the hungry pangs. Plus, these do satiate you sweet tooth cravings. You can use them as fillers before your meals. They will take up lot of space in your tummy, thus leaving you satisfied.

7. Want A Topping For Your Breakfast? Make Carbs The Topping

Yogurt and milk

Use carbohydrates as your topper instead of the base. You can give your breakfast parfait a novel touch by loading up with yogurt and fruits and topping with that crunchy granola. They look good and taste equally good.

8. Eat Slow

Healthy Diet

Chew your food thoroughly before you eat, enjoying each and every flavor embedded in it. Eating slowly and chewing well is also known to prevent you from feeling hungry.

9. Concentrate On What You Eat

Bad Eating Habits

Keep your phones, newspapers, television, and book away while you eat. Studies have proven that mealtime distractions make you eat more, at the same time make you feel hungry, tempting you to eat more later during the day.

10. Reward Yourself

Sweets, for most of us, is a reward. So, reward yourself every time you feel that you have been able to keep yourself away from that feeling hungry condition. Treat yourself to a cup of sugar free, low calories hot chocolate at the end of the day or a cup of no sugar sweet tooth satiating gift. A cup of decaffeinated tea or coffee would also do the job or you can even try mixing in a teaspoon full of pure honey in a glass of warm milk!

These are time tested and effective ways to help you lose weigh without feeling hungry. What do you do? How do you manage your hungry pangs? Share with us…