How To Make A Healthy Breakfast To Lose Weight

Whether it is the need to shed a few pounds to look fab at your friend’s wedding or it is the essentiality to lose that excess fat off you, breakfast is the key. There are numerous studies that vouch for the importance of breakfast, especially for those who are on a weight loss track. Enjoying a heavy, yet healthy breakfast is known to keep you full through the day, thus ensuring you from munching on those junky delights. This, in turn, gives your weight loss regimen an enthusiastic boost. Here are some simple, yet effective tips that could help you in making a healthy breakfast to lose weight:

The Thumb Rules of Weight Loss Breakfasts

1. Make Breakfast The Biggest Meal of The Day
Large the breakfast is, the better your weight loss will be. Studies have proven that people who enjoyed a 700 calorie meal at breakfast as against a 200 calorie breakfast were known to lose 2.5 times more weight. The reason – your metabolism is at its peak in the mornings. So, make sure you are enjoying the yummiest of your foods at this time, but ensure that they are not the empty calorie ones.


2. Protein Is A Must
Want to keep those nagging cravings away? The solution is protein. Instead of munching more on carbohydrates, include protein. A study conducted breakfast shows that including protein in the breakfast results in the production of peptide YY, the enzyme that helps in keeping you full and preventing overeating. There are loads of protein rich options. Right from the simple eggs to a tasty peanut butter and almond butter, you have countless variants to pick from to pair it with your whole carbs.

3. Indulge In A Balanced Breakfast
Keep your breakfast balanced. A muffin or two chapati alone are not sufficient. While including carbohydrates are essential to keep your energy levels, this food group alone could give a blood sugar rush immediately. This effect will fade off after a while, forcing you to hunt down for that rush again. On the other hand, a meal where protein rules is known to fend off those cravings, thus ensuring you are not falling off the track. Include a fruit also in your meal.

4. Drink Caffeine
Caffeine is a metabolism booster. Opt for a black coffee sweetened with artificial sweetener. Even better – drink green tea. Green tea improves the rate of calorie burning, in turn, paving way for a better usage of stored up fat.

5. Chuck Out Ready To Eat Meals
Choose to make your breakfast at home. You can prepare your own granola and muesli bars at home. Just toss a little oats with dried fruits and nuts in a warm peanut butter and honey mixture. Toast it in the oven for some 10 minutes. Your granola is ready. You can even prepare a plain toast and serve it with an veggie omelet.

6. Fiber Is A Must
5 grams –
that is the minimum amount of fiber you need in the morning meal. Fiber is essential for detoxification as well as for keeping you full. A key element for weight loss, you can get the breakfast dose from apples or half a cup of blackberries.

5 Weight Loss Breakfast Foods You Should Try Today

1. Bananas
Blend it with a glass of skim milk or yogurt or just slice and add it your oats. There are numerous ways you can eat this carbohydrate rich, resistant starch source in your breakfast.

2. Smoothies
Milkshakes are favorite breakfast foods. You do not need any special culinary skills to prepare this super easy and fabulously tasting delight. Add some fruits and a handful of almonds or peanuts for a complete meal.

3. Eggs
High in protein, eggs make a filling breakfast idea. Be it the omelet packed with veggies or a sunny side up or just plain, hard boiled eggs, they are sure to aid you in your weight loss journey.

4. Oatmeal
Cook oats in skim milk and add a tablespoon of flaxseed powder to it. Mix in some chopped nuts and a teaspoon of dried fruits. Garnish with cinnamon and enjoy a sizzling hot bowl of oatmeal. Yummy!

5. Whole Wheat Toast With Peanut Butter
A tablespoon of peanut butter 98 calories and two slices of plain whole wheat toast yields about 160 calories. Include an orange or a grapefruit also and the meal is healthy and complete.

These are some of the really tasty and healthy breakfast foods you can try to lose weight… What is your pick?