How To Make Your Baby’s Skin Fair

One of the most magical things in the life of a woman is being a mother. As a mother, whether your baby looks like you or your husband or anyone else in the maternal or the paternal family does not make any difference to the amount of love you feel for him. Even then, mothers usually want their babies to have clear and fair skin so that everyone will admire and appreciate them. Here are a few tips that will help you to lighten the tone of the skin of your baby.

Massage and Nourish

In most of the households, giving a hot oil massage to a newly born baby is a common custom. It is believed that hot oil massage strengthens muscles and bones. In addition, massage moisturizes the skin of the baby and gives it a special pinkish tint and glow of health. A healthy skin always looks supple and clear-toned, making the baby look beautiful. So, make sure that you nourish your baby’s skin with a good hot oil massage. For the massage, you can use olive oil, almond oil, a mix of several essential oils or a recommended baby oil.

baby massage

Adjust the Bath Water Temperature Appropriately

For the health of the baby’s skin, it is very important that the water used for bathing should not be too cold or too hot or it will dry or burn his skin. Dry skin looks dull and dark and affects the complexion of your baby. Instead, use lukewarm water for bathing your little angel so that the skin remains beautiful and soft.

Baby Scrub

Although using a baby scrub may sound a bit overwhelming, it was a regular practice in earlier days when mothers and grandmothers used to spend quite a time to scrub the baby’s skin and give it more lustre and brighter complexion. Even today, you can use a baby scrub made at home and give a nice scrub to your baby’s skin to improve his complexion. A mixture of milk, rose water, evenly grounded chickpea powder and baby oil makes for a good baby body scrub. Apply the scrub on the body of the baby, let it dry for a few minutes and scrub away gently so that all the unwanted hair and impurities are removed and a fair and clear skin is revealed. Apart from improving the color of the skin, the baby scrub also gives radiance by improving blood circulation.

Baby Body Pack

To further improve the skin complexion, you can use a body pack for the baby. Since the skin of the baby is more sensitive as compared to the adults, it is very important that a mild combination of ingredients is used for making a body pack. Babies tend to lose some of their fairness after a couple of weeks of their birth, as their skin is very sensitive to the surrounding environmental conditions. Hence, if you nurture the skin of your baby with a mild pack made up of milk, saffron strands, sandalwood and turmeric it will remove the negative effects of the environment and also offer protection against such factors and infections.

Moisturize Regularly

After the baby body pack has been removed and you have dried the baby’s skin completely, it is time to moisturize his skin. Several baby moisturizing lotions and creams are available in the market. Choose with a good credit report so that there are fewer chances of any skin irritations or rashes due to the use of moisturizing products. Keep on applying the moisturizer after every four hours to provide proper nourishment to the baby’s skin and also to keep the fair complexion intact.

Never Use Soap

A baby’s skin is highly sensitive. The chemicals in soap can dry the skin of the baby. Instead, use rose water and milk, glycerine baby bars and liquid milk cream wash for babies.

Never Leave Him under the Sun for Long

It is necessary for the baby to take a sunbath, as he must get vitamin D that is obtained from the Sun’s rays. However, make sure that he is not exposed to sun for long or it will darken his skin and it will be difficult to get back the fair complexion.

If you take all these measures and precautions there will be a good improvement in the complexion of your baby and he will look fairer and beautiful.