How To Make Your Cardio More Enjoyable

Cardio exercises are essential to set the metabolism soaring, shed the excess weight, and become lean. Along with fat burning, regular indulgence in cardiovascular exercise provides better glucose metabolism, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and a normalized heart beat. But, you should take care so that it becomes an enjoyable process and gives you its benefits. Here are some time-tested tips that does help in making cardiovascular exercises an enjoyable experience.

Making Cardiovascular Exercise An Enjoyable One

 Cardio More Enjoyable

1. Choose Your Type of Cardio

There are countless variations of indulging in this form of exercise. You just need not walk the treadmill in your gym. Walking in the park, aerobics, cycling, using an elliptical machine, aerobics, and even swimming are some of the alternatives you could pick from. Just choose the one you want and try it!

2. Say Yes To Interval Training

Interval training boosts the benefits of a cardio workout, making it more interesting. Alternate between medium to high effort workout and periods of low strain workout to maximize your fat burn and enhance your lean mass. You could even try an interval workout on your stationary bike or swimming pool to reap in the same benefits as you tread on a treadmill.

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3. Choose Your Cardio Music List

Create a playlist that comprises the songs of your choice. Studies reveal that working out while listening to music enhances the benefits while ensuring that you do not get bored.

4. Add Variety To Your Regimen

A little variety could make your cardio workout an interesting one. Changing between cardio machines in the same session is one way of doing it. You could also try different cardio workout on different ways such as running on day one followed by swimming the next.

5. Find Your Cardio Partner

A good friend makes your exercise regimen an interesting one. It brings out the kid in you. Have you ever noticed kids? Their exercise time always comes when they are with friends. Try this out!

6. Cardio For A Reason

Whether it is weight loss or a more healthy profile, give yourself a reason to indulge in cardio without fail. You will feel as if you have accomplished something after each session, boosting your desire to stick on to your regimen.

7. Keep Track of Your Progress

Cardio is a quintessential element of a workout session, but it does not offer the same benefits of other exercise regimen. Keep a progress journal and mark it daily. The slightest progress in your journal could motivate you. Keep a goal daily and try to meet or even exceed it.

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8. Do Cardio On An Empty Stomach

Doing cardio on empty stomach helps in boosting the glycogen burning potential, enabling better access to the stored fat. It would, in fact, give you the results you desire in a better way.

9. Do Cardio Only For A Maximum of 45 Minutes

You should practice cardio for a maximum of 45 minutes in one session. Excessive indulgence stimulate the release of cortisol, the stress hormone that snatches away the efforts of your hard work. Strive to indulge in a cardio practice that lasts for 20 to 30 minutes, thrice a week for optimal results.

10. Reward Yourself

Every hard work become more fun when it comes attached to a reward at the end. Convince your mind that there is a surprise gift waiting in store if your complete the cardio goal you have set for yourself. It could even be a food-related gift, but if you are doing so, strive for a healthy treat. A good massage session, a foot reflexology, or a new pair clothes would be some of the great ways to treat yourself.

11. Energize Your Mind

A tired, fatigued mind will never help you workout. Re-energize your mind by creating a mantra that you could chant so as to boost your motivation levels.

12. Don’t Be Bothered About What People Think

Do it for yourself and do not be bothered about what people think about you. When you start worrying about others, your interest starts falling down and your exercise will soon become a stressful experience.

How do you make cardio more enjoyable, share your views in comments?