How To Pass a Hair Drug Test

Everyone knows that marijuana in some states is legal. People smoke it even if it’s legal or illegal. As long as you don’t get caught while smoking it, you’re in the clear. People do this because they feel stressed or nervous. Smoking pot helps them take their mind off stressful situations. Sometimes they do it for fun. Whether you smoke it for pleasure or to relieve anxiety, it doesn’t matter. You can smoke as much as you want, but there are some instances where it could get you into trouble.


If you’re employed in a company that does drug tests on their employees, then be careful. Bosses don’t like employees who are not clean of drugs. Getting caught with THC metabolites in the system can cost you your job. You don’t want this to happen. It is advisable that you stop smoking altogether before taking the test. It can turn your life upside down in a minute.

Businesses do more and more hair drug tests because the metabolites in the hair are much harder to get rid of. Urine and blood tests can be done as well, but the consistency of the substances is less noticeable. There are products that you can try to eliminate the toxins from the hair. If your employer gives you a head notice about the test, then you’re in luck. This will provide enough time to eliminate the toxins from the scalp. If not, then quit smoking altogether. Follow the instructions below if you end up buying a hair detox shampoo.

The ingredients in the shampoo

Drug Test

This type of shampoo won’t damage the hair follicles. On the contrary, it gives the hair vitality and energizes it. It’s made of aloe barbadensis gel, propylene glycol, avocado oil, water, etc. These ingredients create a mixture that will help the hair lose all its toxins.

Detox shampoos eliminate the one threat that can get you caught and possibly fired. If you smoke regularly, the THC metabolites are much harder to get rid of. The mixture contains extracts that will give the hair a new shine. As well as eliminate all the traceable toxins that come with smoking weed. The active extract propylene glycol is responsible for removal of THC metabolites. You would be able to take the test with confidence. Using this shampoo will definitely save you from trouble.

Use it regularly

People have different experiences with the shampoo. Some want to use it 5 days before the test. If you feel paranoid, you can use it even 10 days before taking the test. Wash the hair daily. Massage the scalp for 2-3 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

You can find a lot of instructions and reviews online about using this type of shampoo. For example, you can watch a video tutorial on YouTube. Whether you decide to buy it from a local pharmacy or order it online, the product will come with instructions. Do your best to follow them carefully if you want to have good results. Repeat the process daily.

You can let the shampoo sit on your head for a couple of minutes. It won’t do any harm to the head. On the contrary, it eliminates all the toxins from weed. If you have a problem with dandruff as well, the mixture will help you to remove it. Since weed metabolites are harder to get rid of, wash the hair regularly before taking the test. Urine and blood tests are not that serious. The traces of THC metabolites don’t remain long in the system. Therefore, purchase this type of shampoo to get a clean drug test. Check the link for more information:

Get tested from home

Let’s say that you followed the instructions carefully. This still doesn’t mean that you’ve eliminated all the toxins from the head. This depends on how much weed you smoke per day. The shampoo will remove the metabolites, but it’s not the same for every person. People that smoke regularly weed need to wash the hair more often. This is the only way that they can reduce the consistency of the metabolites. Those that don’t smoke frequently can eliminate the threat within 4-5 days. It is best if you stop smoking altogether before the drug test.

If you feel paranoid, then buy a hair drug test from a local drugstore. Moreover, order it online if you don’t have a pharmacy nearby. This way you’ll know whether the test will come out positive or negative. If it comes out positive, then wash the hair more frequently. Even two times per day. If the result is negative, then you’re in the clear. You won’t have to worry about getting caught. If they can’t find traces of THC metabolites, then you’re in the clear. Make sure to follow these steps every time there’s a hair drug test announced.