How To Perform Lunges Correctly

Are you worried about getting your lunges right? Yes, there is a specific way to perform lunges and not many people get it right in the beginning. This is the reason this exercise does not offer the results people are looking for. You do not have to worry, as we have the perfect guidelines for you to get your lunges right.

Lunges are known to be the fitness staple for those perfect and shapely legs, be it a man or woman. Lunges help shape your legs and strengthen your back. In addition, it works your hips, abs and glutes in a single shot.

However, while performing lunges it is important for a person to follow the rules and maintain the right body posture. If lunges are not performed properly, it can lead to strain and even back injury. Even though lunges are the quintessential exercise to sculpt your body, there is a certain way of doing them. If you have a poor body posture, then it is highly suggested that you improve the posture first.

If you want to perform the perfect lunges for your body, here are the steps you should be looking to follow.


Step 1
Your feet should be apart and spine should be straight and long. Pull your shoulders back and keep your head upright. You should be able to gaze forward in this position.

Step 2
Put one leg forward and align it with the foot of the other leg. Both the feet should be in a straight line. Your spine or back should still be straight when you do this.

Step 3
Lower the hips by bending your knees forward. The knee should be bent at a 90-degree angle when you do this action. The front knee should not extend beyond the ankle and your back should be straight. The entire body weight should be concentrated on the heels.

Step 4
Repeat this action with the other leg forward and you can alternate between the legs 10 to 15 times in a single set.


  • Always remember to keep your upper body straight while performing lunges. You should be able to stare forward and have an eye to eye contact with some object or a person. If you are looking down or somewhere else, then you are not in the right position. The whole idea of performing lunges is to concentrate on your core muscles.
  • Never hunch or stoop when you are doing lunges, as this can cause severe back injury. A wrong posture can hurt your muscles and cause inflammation. So concentrate on your movements while doing lunges.
  • It is important to inhale and exhale while doing lunges. Inhale when you put your foot forward and exhale when you retract. Give at least 15 seconds of gap between inhalation and exhalation.
  • Perform at least 15 repetitions daily to get the desired results.

Lunges can be coupled with upper body exercises as well. Once you have had enough practice doing lunges, you can start using dumbbells to further strengthen your body.

To perform lunges with dumbbells follow these instructions.

Step 1
While performing a forward lunge, take a dumbbell in the opposite hand and push your hand backwards. Your elbow should be at a 90-degree angle when you push the hand back.

Step 2
Repeat the same pattern with the other hand and remember that the leg you use should be the one opposite to the hand holding the dumbbell.

Lunges are fairly easy to perform, but the right posture and technique make a lot of difference and are important as well. You need to concentrate on your movements while performing lunges to do it the right way.