How To Practice Mandala Meditation For Relaxing Your Mind

Meditation, undisputedly, is one of the simplest and best ways to put your body and soul at complete peace. It is quite often relied as a deft tool to embark on a spiritual journey and to practice complete detachment from this material world. Advocated by countless streams of renowned spiritualists, Mandala meditation is a form of active meditation. Mandala, in reality, is a Sanskrit word that means circle. There are different mandalas, with each having a meaning and importance of its own.

To put it in simple words, this circle is an embodiment of the fact that your physical body lies entwined with the Universe and its octopus hands, being your companion in the journey called life. This form of meditation is believed to help individuals focus on the purpose and achieve it in a better way.

Before reading through how to practice Mandala meditation, you ought to know how to select a mandala.


How to Select the Right Mandala?

You can choose any sacred circle of your choice. The sole requirement – the mandala you pick should be in sync with your thought process as well as your purpose of meditation. Here is how you can create one for yourself.

How to Create a Mandala?

  1.  Sit down in a tranquil place in a posture of your convenience and let your body and soul relax with few deep breaths.
  2. Using a compass, draw a perfect circle in the centre of a large white page.
  3. Fill the circle with shapes that appear in your thoughts.
  4. Decorate it with motifs.
  5. Ensure that the patterns are symmetrical for the Mandala to be put to use.
  6. Keep repeating the process until you are satisfied.
  7. Color it with the hue of your choice.

You Mandala is now ready to be used as a tool for your meditation. Keep multiple copies of the same handy so that you always have one, if you lose one.

Practicing Mandala Meditation for Mind Relaxation

  1. Choose a place that is filled with peace and serenity.
  2. Place the Mandala in a position where your focus will be centered.
  3. Sit down in a position in which you are comfortable, preferably cross legged.
  4. Place your hands on the thighs, fingers joined in Chin mudra.
  5. Take 5 deep inhalations and exhalations, letting your body relax with each exhalation.
  6. Keep your focus glued to the centre of the Mandala.
  7. Try to focus on the intricate patterns and designs, the motifs, and the colors.
  8. Let the creative core of your mind open up to new patterns.
  9. Once you are able to envision the pattern completely, close your eyes.
  10. Try to hold the pattern as long as you can without getting distracted.
  11. Breathe gently.
  12. Try to gather the energy filling in you at the core.
  13. Stay in the position till you are satisfied.

Why should you do Mandala meditation?

As with all forms of meditation, Mandala also comes with its own set of goodness. Here are some of the benefits of indulging in this form of meditation:

  1. Helps you keeping your body and mind relaxed
  2. Helps in boosting up your focus
  3. Helps in alleviating stress
  4. Helps in overcoming anxiety and depression
  5. Helps in improving concentration
  6. Helps in promoting overall health and well being

You don’t have to be a professional artist to put together a mandala. It is just your inner thoughts that need to be streamlined and depicted. So, do not hesitate to draw one of your choice.

Have you ever tried Mandala meditation? What was your experience? If you haven’t, try today and feel the difference it gifts you!