How To Prevent Miscarriage

Here is a harsh reality: there is so much sorrow around us that it’s almost unavoidable. How about the pain that we can avoid? Miscarriage could be emotionally very devastating not only to the mother but also to the would-be father of the child. When the couples decide to have a baby it is a huge emotional step for the entire family. Once the woman has conceived, the love for her child starts right at the time of the conception. Even before the baby is out of the womb the mother starts feeling the sense of belonging for it. If you have conceived and plan to have a baby then you will definitely want to make sure that your baby stays healthy and safe by all means. There are several cases of miscarriages but most of them are not natural. Therefore, if you are able take good care, you will reduce the chances of miscarriage to a huge extent.

What Exactly Is Miscarriage?

Miscarriage happens when the child in your womb dies in the event of accidental abortion. Miscarriage only happens before 24 weeks of pregnancy. This is the time when the baby in the womb is still premature. After about six months of pregnancy if the baby dies in the womb it is not called miscarriage. The baby is then referred to as still born.


How Do You Know You Have Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is often accompanied by the bleeding through the vagina. However, this bleeding normally happens when the miscarriage happens within the first few weeks of conception. In this case the dead fetus gets removed through the vaginal area. Miscarriage also results in severe pain in the lower abdominal region. If you see symptoms like these, immediately consult a doctor.

Miscarriage May Happen Even Before You Know You Were Pregnant

Sometimes the miscarriage happens even before the couples know that there is pregnancy. When you have conceived and you don’t even know that, the chances of miscarriage increase because you are not careful enough. If you are planning to get a baby then you will want to make sure that such accident does not happen. To avoid this, you can be a little careful about certain things. Pregnancy mostly happens when you have sex during the time of ovulation. If you are able to keep a track on ovulation then you will have higher chances of knowing whether you are pregnant or not. To avoid miscarriage during the initial stages of pregnancy, know the time of your ovulation and keep checking for pregnancy from time to time using the pregnancy test kit.

Try To Keep Yourself Away From Certain Diseases

There are certain diseases which may directly affect the pregnancy and may result in miscarriage. Although such cases are pretty rare but you need to keep a watch on them to make sure that miscarriage does not happen. While you are pregnant, even at the slightest hint of some ailment make sure that you consult the doctor. Don’t wait for the disease to get worse before you see the doctor. Taking care of the illness on time will make sure that the chances of miscarriage are mitigated to a huge extent.

Increase The Intake Of Folic Acid

It is a very common knowledge that folic acid is extremely vital for the women who are pregnant or are willing to get pregnant. To reduce the chances of miscarriage, make sure that you increase the intake of folic acid substantially. Folic acid is required because it helps in controlling the production of homocysteine. Several studies have shown that high levels of homocysteine are directly related to the cases of miscarriage.

Make Sure That You Work-Out Regularly

Most of us think that during pregnancy the woman needs rest and should not get involved in any physical activity. While this is true to a great extent, it is also important for a pregnant woman to exercise regularly. Regular exercise is not only important for the pregnant woman to maintain her health, it is also important for her unborn child. But make sure that the exercises are mild and you don’t overexert yourself. Exercising helps increase the blood circulation level which is good for the baby and the mother.