How To Prolong Your Life Through Morning Exercise

You will be hard pressed to find a person who is not aware of the benefits of exercises! Whether it is for shedding off excess fat or staying fit and healthy, there is no alternative to regular exercises. It can be done in various forms, such as cycling, hitting gyms, cardio workouts or aerobics, etc. However, the timing of exercise also plays a vital role behind the success and effects on the individual. For a lot of people, especially working professionals, workout after the office hours seems a prudent choice. However, health and fitness experts argue that it is better to work out in the morning, preferably before you take the breakfast.

Advantages of Working Out In The Morning


  • Better Output In Long Term – If you are not after a quick weight loss target and want to stay fit and healthy in the long run, morning exercise is the thing you need. Studies have indicated that people who work out in the morning tend to be more consistent than those who opt for evening workout sessions. It will help you plan the day’s schedule better in any case.
  • You Will Be More Punctual – If you work out in the morning, there are less chances of cutting corners in the remaining part of the day for other works. You will be free to cater to any event in the evening or even late night. On the contrary, those who work out in the evening may have to cut time in other areas, which can lead to inconveniences.
  • Better Food Choices – It has been seen that those who workout early in the day tend to make better and healthy food choices throughout. It will make you pick healthy food choices to complement your labour and efforts.
  • Less Chance of Distraction And Pollution – Since the majority of people will be asleep when you work out, you will have to cope with fewer distractions. There will be less noise and chaos around. This is especially helpful if you prefer running in the park or cycle on roads as part of exercise. You will be able to breathe in fresh air with fewer pollutants as it is.
  • Deep And Adequate Sleep – You must be aware about the importance of proper and adequate sleep. When you work out in the morning and follow it up with daily chores, your body gets ready and stressed enough for sleep. On the contrary, evening workout stimulates the body, making it harder to fall asleep.
  • Enhanced Alertness Level – A morning workout makes you alert and peps up the body. This makes it simpler to tackle various tasks of the day with ease.

Making The Switch Over To Morning Exercise Schedule Smoother

It may be a tad hard to start working out every day in the morning, including waking up earlier than usual. However, it is not impossible either. You can try the following to make the switchover simpler:

  • Get a buddy to join you- it could be someone in or outside the family.
  • Keep the shoes, attire etc ready at night.
  • Ensure you maintain timing for hitting the bed.
  • Promise yourself rewards like a weekend treat at your favourite restaurant.

Eating Before Morning Workout

This is where the opinions vary. Some people feel exercising on an empty stomach is the best way while others say you should eat a little. You gulp down a glass of lime or orange juice and an energy bar, ideally. Your body requires a bit of carbohydrate in the morning. However, you need to have a proper breakfast post the exercise in the morning.