How To Promote a Healthy Diet In Your Office

Many people find it tough to stick on to their healthy diet as soon as they leave home. It is a challenge for the working people who do not have time to cook food or cannot take homemade food as lunch. And, the result! They end up munching on s Eating healthy is challenging, especially when you are in your office. Temptations exist everywhere in the form of coffees, chocolates, burgers, and what not. And, at times, your cravings will be so uncontrollable that what you would think you could end with a single bite navigates into a mindless bingeing… It is high time people start paying attention to what they eat, especially when they are working and are under extremely high levels of stress.

Healthy Diet In Your Office

A healthy diet along with a good exercise regimen is essential to improving the overall health and well-being of the workforce. Thus, a healthy diet translates into lower levels of absenteeism, drastic dip in the healthcare expenses, reduced workplace accidents, increased efficiency, and improved productivity. According to a study, various employers were able to cut down the healthcare expenditure by more than 75% after they introduced a healthy diet in the office. While you cannot monitor your workforce 24X7 for their eating pattern, but you could definitely ensure that they eat healthily during the snack and lunch break. So, what can be done to promote a healthy eating pattern in your office? Read on…

  1. Encourage Your Workforce To Bring in Healthy Lunch

Preparing healthy lunches is not a complicated process. In fact, it could be simpler than preparing your favorite burger packed with loads of mayonnaise and deep-fried cutlets. A simple sandwich enriched with the goodness of veggies and cheese tucked into slices of whole grain bread is a great lunch option. If you love Indian foods, kathi rolls with whole wheat base and paneer filing is good.

  1. Keep a Water Bottle Beside Every Employee

When the level of fluid intake decreases, the cravings spiral up. And, when the cravings are uncontrollable, the result would be munching constantly. Ensure that every employee has a water bottled filled and kept near him. You could also stick a reminder note on the desk so that he/she would sip water.

  1. Serve Green Tea and Fruit Juices

If your office serves coffee or tea to the employees regularly, it is now time to restrict the quantity of those drinks. Freshly squeezed fruit juices and green tea are great swaps. You could even serve various flavors of herbal teas to keep up the motivation levels. Skim milk is yet another choice that you could try.

  1. The Carrot And Stick Approach To Eating Healthy

While adhering to the healthy eating guide will fetch the employee a tempting reward, failing to adhere to the plan will fetch him a punishment. Rare or unintentional mistakes could be avoided. Set a counter to track the failures and if a person crosses the acceptable level, then punish him. Ensure that the punishment you decide has a positive impact on the employee rather than upsetting the whole plan.

  1. Restrict The Use of Junk Food in The Office

Just like the ‘No Smoking’ zones that are on the rise, you could always create the ‘No Junk Food’ zone in the office. This is one of the best ways to ensure that junk foods are kept away from the employees.

  1. Create a Virtual Food Directory

Creating a virtual destination for sharing simple, healthy recipes would encourage the employees to try something new and interesting. You could also create a reward system, based on points. For example, every healthy recipe contributed would fetch the employee about 50 points. And, once the points accumulated reaches 500, he or she could redeem the same. You could provide various ways of redeeming the points.

  1. Serve Healthy Lunch in Your Cafeteria

Many of your employees might not have the time or option to cook and bring food. They would prefer to eat from the cafeteria or order something from outside. Instead of serving the same junk food, you could always serve healthy food in a tasty way. Is your office eating healthily? What did you do to implement a healthy eating plan? Share your views and thoughts with us….