How To Reduce Weight in One Week

We are always in a hurry- we seek quick fixes to lifestyle problems that may be potentially jeopardizing our health. These days, we often try to find out how we can reduce weight in one week. To be honest, there is no quick fix to shed weight. So realistically, you cannot expect to lose 7 kilos in 7 days- at least not without invasive procedures. But it is possible to lose the weight that we gain due to bloating or water retention in such a short time as one week.

Cut out junk food

Packaged Foods

This is one of the most important changes you need to make in your daily routine to start losing weight. When you’re hungry and it’s not mealtime, turning to sugary snacks with saturated fats is not the answer. Instead, snack on these:

  • Nuts– These contain lots of vitamins, healthy fats and proteins. But don’t gorge on the nuts with sugar coatings.
  • Baby carrots– These are loaded with beta-carotene and are perfect for a quick bite.
  • Avocado– Remove the pith of the avocado and fill it with cottage cheese. This is one great snack that needs no washing up after.
  • Berry smoothie– Just whizz up some berries of your choice with yogurt in the blender and you have a delicious, healthy snack to go.

Eat more fibre


Fiber keeps you feeling full for longer so you don’t crave snacks every now and then. Fibres also help in clearing out your digestive system which in turn helps you lose weight. You can add more fibre to your diet by the following ways:

  • Add fibrous vegetables to your omelet. Chop some broccoli florets and carrots and toss them into your omelet.
  • Make your own high fibre, energy balls using high-fibre cereal, almonds, raisins and soy nuts- mix them with some honey and roll into small balls. Keep a small them in a small container you can carry in your bag.
  • Eat lots of fruit like apples- they indeed keep the doctor- and fat- away.
  • Add chickpeas into your salad for some bite and fibre.
  • When you are making anything that requires bread crumbs, use crumbed oatmeal instead.
  • Eat whole wheat products only and replace white rice with brown.

Eat more protein

protein food

A good rule of thumb to lose weight is halving your fat intake and doubling your protein intake. When you exercise hard, you may start losing muscle as well as fat. Eating lots of protein can repair wear and tear in muscles and prevent muscle loss. Here are afew ways you can eat more healthy proteins:

  • Make omelets with only egg whites (which can be bought).
  • Eat plant protein like spinach, asparagus, banana and kale.
  • Eat more beans, nuts and legumes.
  • You can replace dessert with protein by eating yogurt (preferably unflavored ones to which you can add artificial sweetener).

A good general plan to lose weight is to cut out the empty calories in sweets and beverages. After that, cut out the fried food. After that, you may cut down on the carbohydrates and go on a low carb diet.


Cardio training

There is no substitute for exercise. You may restrict your diet all you want but without physical exercise, it is very difficult to lose weight. To quickly lose weight you can try cardio, which helps in increasing your heart rate. Weight training is also effective. If your physical stamina is quite high, you may even try out boot camp.

In order to lose about one or two pounds of weight in a week, you need to create a deficit of about 500 to 1000 calories every day. You can work out yourself how much of this deficit you want to create from dieting and how much from exercising.