How To Relieve Gas With Yoga Poses

Over indulging in your favorite foods and getting puffy and bloated up is very easy. And, this comes from the acid reflux and gas that foods trigger. This is the time you start thinking about how you can get rid of this unpleasant conditions with natural cures. While there are numerous home remedies that would help you overcome this, yoga does wonders in easing the pain, beat the bloat, and keep your tummy healthy. Read on to know about how you can relieve gas with yoga poses.

7 Yoga Poses To Ease Gas

1. Padangusthasana – Big Toe Pose – Standing Forward Bend:


Also called as Uttanasana, this is a mild inversion pose that gives you abdomen a good massage and improves the blood cirdculation. This, in turn, pacifies your brain and improves digestion, thus offering relief from bloating and gas. Stand straight, inhale, and as you exhale, fall forward from your hips and hold your toes with the fingers. You can keep your knees softly bent, if you have an injured back or knee.

2. Parsvottanasana – Intense Side Stretch Pose – Pyramid Pose:


A mild inversion pose, it helps in improving the flow of blood to your abdominal area, heart, and brain, in turning offering relief from gas and upset tummy. A restorative yoga pose, it eases the stress, a prominent cause of bloating. It is quite often advised as a remedial yoga poses for acid reflux and flatulence.

3. Vajrasana – Diamond Pose – Thunderbolt Pose – Zen Pose:


Just do this for 10 minutes day after each meal and you will never experience bloating or any tummy troubles. The body is allowed to rest on the thighs, paving way for an enhanced circulation to the stomach and brain. This boosts the digestive power and eliminates the gas trapped within your abdomen. It is an effective pose for constipation, pregnancy induced digestive issues, hyperacidity as well as gas and flatulence.

4. Balasana – Child Pose:

Balasana – Child Pose

A restorative yoga pose, it puts your body and mind at peace. It keeps the anxiety and stress away, there by triggering the release of digestive hormones. This, in turn, enhances the digestion process, thereby doing away with the has. The abdominal region is massaged as you bend forward from your hips, pressing your stomach on to the thighs.

5. Apanasana – Knees To Chest Pose:


Apanasana, or Pava Muktasana, as the name suggests is a wind relieving pose. Practice this pose regularly on empty tummy to keep yourself free from bloating and flatulence. It clears up the air entrapped in your tummy and thus eases the pain. The circulation to your abdomen improves, thereby enhancing the digestive power. Try this yoga pose to beat flatulence, gas, constipation, acidity, and even for irritable bowel syndrome. This is also beneficial to ward off gas experienced during menstrual cycle. Just make sure that you bring the right knee to the chest first to exert pressure on mounting colon, followed by the left. This will help in better elimination of gas trapped within the tummy.

6. Setu Bhandasana – Bridge Pose:

Setu Bandhasana Vinyasa

A mild backbend cum inversion pose, it is good for your digestive system. Any yoga pose that improves the flow of blood to the digestive system is beneficial to ease gas as it peps up the digestive fire. Plus, it eases the stress and anxiety levels by pumping in more blood to the brain. Your digestive system also gets a fabulous massage.

7. Nadi Sodhana – Anuloma Viloma – Alternate Breathing Exercise:


Breathing right helps in eliminating the gas. This is the simplest of yoga breathing that will offer you the much yearning relief from gas. It cleanses your nervous and digestive system, peps up the flow of blood, and strengthens your digestive system. A strong digestive system keeps away any kind of tummy troubles, including bloating, flatulence, and gas. Start by inhaling through your left nostril always as it activates the right side of your brain, a key in keeping digestion intact.

These were 7 of the yoga poses to combat gas and bloating. Practice these regularly and feel the difference yourself.