How To Say No to Food Pushers

There are so many temptations that may challenge your resolves in life, as it is. However, foods can be among the biggest temptations you have to fight from time to time! For women and men who aspire to lose weight or attain an envious and slim figure, resisting yummy dishes can be a big hurdle. You may put in the best efforts-including hitting the gyms, switching to sugar free and organic foods and changing diet etc. but there are external factors too. What do you do about those people- a distant relative who urges everyone to try a calorie heavy dessert she cooked or a loving grandmother who always finds the children measly and try to make them eat more!

Dealing With Food Pushers

While fighting your inner cravings for a calorie heavy junk dish is possible, it is harder to thwart advances of the food-pushers, people who constantly urge others to eat more or ask to indulge in yummy but unhealthy culinary delights. It is not impossible, though, if you use a few tactics properly.

Food Pushers

5 effective tips to turn down the advances of those food pushers:

  1. The Delay Tactics – You will find some over enthusiastic food pushers in nearly every occasion, both at the office and family gatherings, who keep on urging so that you take some more pudding or chicken pieces! Saying no to these people do not work at times. To tackle them, you may adopt the delay tactics. For example, you can always say you will surely take the dish, but after finishing what you are chewing. You may also say eating the suggested dish immediately will not be ideal as it contains drastically different ingredients. This will make the food pushers target others in the venue.
  2. Lying With A Smile – Lying is not a nice thing to do in general, but when nothing else works, it can be the best weapon. To thwart advances of a stubborn food pusher, you can say you already had some of the suggested dishes and found them absolutely sumptuous. Ensure you say the lie with a wide smile and a tone of positivity and it will hit the bull’s eye!
  3. Firm Denial – This can be hard to do, more so in personal occasions, and ceremonies, but sometimes you simply do not have any other choice. The hard to evade type of food pushers often need a firm denial from your side. You can deny with a smiling face, but with a tone of assertiveness.
  4. Citing Medical Reasons – This is ideal when the food pusher belongs to the earlier generations, maybe older than your parents! When you find an aunt or grandmother is hell bent on making you eat more turkey than you want on Thanksgiving dinner, try this. You can say something like it is a delicious dish, but you have been asked to eat small amounts of meat by your physician. A lot of people will not argue to make you eat more when medical factors come up.
  5. Using Forthcoming Occasion, Real or Imaginary – Using a forthcoming occasion to thwart advances of food pushers can also work, whether it is real or cooked up. When you find a food pusher is prodding you to gorge on some sweets or desserts when you are full to the brim, there is no need to sound rude. Tell him or her, the next day you have a lunch invitation which cannot be avoided and so it’s time to put a stop. You may also cite the late night work or meeting to avoid overeating at a ceremony or party.