How To Soothe A Sick Toddler

If you are a mother of a toddler then it is very much important that you know how to take care of your child when he is sick. Mothers are always worried about their kids whenever they play, go out and try out something new. But when your toddler is sick, he not only needs your extra attention and love, but he also is in need of careful handling. So, what can you do to soothe your sick toddler?

Here are a few instructions that will guide you well on how to soothe and comfort your dear one when he has a drippy nose or a bellyache.

Let the Baby Have His Way

Even if your toddler is sick, there is no need to put him to bed. Rather, if he wants to play, let him play indoors with his toys, but just keep a close eye on him. Little kids have a natural gift of understanding the signals of their body. Hence, he will slow down on his own. If he feels like dancing let him do it or if he wants to listen to the music lying down in the bed let him enjoy the music. While allowing all these activities make sure that he does not have a temperature.

sick toddler

Keep a Watch on His Diet

Just because your toddler has been ill does not mean that he does not have to eat. Just make sure that he eats light and nutritious food and drinks enough fluid all through the day. Do not force him to eat, but you can make him drink some nutritious drinks to cover up his lost energy. This is more important if he is suffering from bronchitis, cold, fever or flu.

Serving foods with high water content is just perfect. You can give him chicken broths or soup, watermelon or ripe cantaloupe pieces, or even applesauce. In case he is suffering from diarrhea, you should keep on giving him oral rehydration solutions such as clear liquids or Pedialyte. For scratchiness caused due to sore throats, a frozen bar of fruit juice is just perfect.

Try to Make Medicine – Making Pleasant

This is certainly very difficult. Toddlers do have a tendency to be fussy about the medications and can try your patience. However, you have to plan a proper strategy to make this medication taking activity a pleasant or at least an accepted event. You can try to mask the unpleasant odour and the taste of the medicine by mixing it in his favourite drink such as the fruit juice or food such as pudding or yoghurt. Make sure that the drink or the food is not too hot or cold or it may alter the effectiveness of the medications.

Teach Him to Blow Nose

In case your toddler does not know how to blow his nose and is suffering from nasal congestion, then sickness is the right time to teach him. Nasal blockage can increase the severity of sinuses and hence it is important that the mucus be thrown out. Just show him how to blow his nose as a part of a playful practice. Similarly, try to use saline solution to dilute the hard mucus so that it easily comes out of the nose and relieves your dear child. In case due to constant dripping, his nose or lips have become dry and red, apply a good quality petroleum jelly to soothe his lips and nose.

Read With Him

Although sickness can leave both your child and yourself tired and irritated, it is also a nice time to bond with each other and spend some quality time. If he does not have a fever, then you can pick up a few of his favourite books and read them to him. You can also pick up a particular book telling a story about a sick child. This will give him an idea that being sick is common and just a part of life.

Your young one might get frightened if he is sick for the first time and hence it is very important to make him understand that you are going to be there all the time for him to take care. In case, he becomes fussy or throws tantrum, just for a few days until he becomes well, accept his justified demands so that he does not lose energy in crying and shouting.