How To Stick To Your Workout

What’s your excuse today for not working out? You just had to go shopping! No you had an appointment! The temperature wasn’t right! No, wait, it was the all time classic excuse – work was too exhausting! The thing is you’ve used these excuses for so long to break your workout routine, saying you’ll do it tomorrow has become a habitual lie you tell yourself. You know all the reasons why you need exercise, but still ignore it. The only reason you do this is because you haven’t found the right way to make exercise a regular part of your day. You eat, you sleep, you bathe, and you even switch the TV on without fail! So isn’t it time you made exercise a routine part of your life, as well?


Here are some tips to help to stick to your workout routine every single day.

1. Start out Simple

Don’t go overboard in setting up an exercise regimen that’s way out of your league. Keep it simple and start out small. You don’t run a marathon right on the first day! Take baby steps and work your way up into more intense workout routines. Don’t over exert or you will quit the first day. There’s no need to follow someone else’s workout plan. Just pick the parts that will work for you.

2. Remove Mental Barriers

Think positive! You can do this. Don’t let a little sweat deter you from exercising. To like a workout, you need to enjoy it. Find the activities you enjoy in a workout (like running, swimming or football) and take it from there. This will make exercising more fun instead of you dreading it. You’ll look forward to it as a reward every week.

3. Motivation within the Exercise

Sometimes your routine may consist of a few heavy activities, like squats or pushups, and you never make it to the end because they are daunting when they come last. What you could do is get them out of the way first, and then get to the rest of the sets. By finishing the tough bits at the start, the simpler end encourages you to finish.

4. Partnerships

Leave aside going to the gym, a simple jog around the block tends to be uncomfortable. Here’s a solution. Get a buddy to workout with you. This partnership works well to motivate too. When you feel like cutting corners or ditching regular exercise altogether, your friend can encourage you to pull up your socks and get right to it. An even better partnership is with a person who isn’t a close friend or family member. That way you’ll be forced to show up for a workout, as you won’t want to let the person down or make random excuses.

5. Make it a Competition

Pick a sport you feel the most confident about, like swimming, track or basketball. Practice it regularly to become an expert then try to beat your last week’s performance. You could even challenge a friend to compete with. It will make it fun to sweat and burn calories.

6. Bring on the Technology

There are all kinds of equipment that let you keep a track of the calories you’ve burned and the steps you’ve taken. Reviewing your progress will give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement – something you won’t get from looking at the weighing scale or yourself in the mirror every day. Keep track of how far you’ve advanced and look at it every time you want to give up. You’ve come this far now, so power through!

7. Morning Activity

Instead of working out when you get home from work, wake up an hour early in the morning to get your dose of exercise. You’re left spent at the end of a long day with nothing left to give your workout resolution. Exercising in the morning hours will perk you up and keep you buzzing and energized all day long. So no more “I’m-too-tired” excuses!

8. Don’t Stop

Once you’ve made it through your goals and lost those pounds, don’t stop. It will only take you right back to square one. Learn to maintain your progress and even improve on it.