How To Stop Craving For Carbohydrates

Healthy eating habits are hard to develop for a lot of people, including those with the knowledge and need to do so. Similarly, it is quite tedious to bid adieu to unhealthy binging habits! A majority of people may not be aware of it, but carbohydrate craving is what defeats their weight loss aspirations or contributes to several ailments. The simple carbohydrate existing in white flour and sugar pave way for obesity and associated health problems. Kicking carbohydrates out, the bad ones- is necessary and you need to be careful about it.

Carb craving is triggered mostly by low serotonin levels. Serotonin is one type of hormone that elevates mood. Sugar and carb based foods stimulate its flow and make you feel good temporarily.


Top 6 ways which will help you discard harmful carb from your diet and lead a healthy life:

1. Stop bringing home harmful carbs

The first way to fight carb craving is putting an end to the habit of buying foods made of harmful carb and excess sugar. Stop buying sugar laden candies, pastries, cakes and muffins that tempt your taste buds every now and then! It can be hard initially, what with those alluring ads splashed all over TV channels and the web. However, make it a point to refrain from buying such foods. They make blood sugar levels surge and release insulin- resulting in fat accumulation.

2. Replace bad carb foods with health carb based ones

It would be a great idea to throw away the white bread and refined flour based foods from the kitchen. Say goodbye to those cans of instant mashed potatoes and cookies too! They offer you nothing more than empty calories. In short, discard all processed and refined flour based items. Replace these with healthy carb foods. Examples include whole grain breads, old-fashioned oatmeal and brown rice. Instead of regular potatoes, try sweet potatoes and yums both of which are high in nutrients.

3. Award yourself with substantial things, not sugar stuffed junk

A lot of people, including those on a weight loss plan, promise themselves a weekend break from diet regime and end up gorging on white four based fast foods. That actually reverses the good they have done in the weekdays! Instead of promising yourself a weekend treat with a fat laden burger, reward with a massage session at a spa. Go for a movie you have been craving to see for long. There are so many harmless self rewarding options actually.

4. Switch to healthier snacks

Some people end up in taking harmful carbs because they fail to make good snack choices. They also inevitably end up buying carb based foods when faced with a sudden hunger pang. The switchover to non carb foods and snacks is not that hard! Make a habit of carrying dry fruits in your bag to beat the hunger pangs. Keep various fruits sliced or total in fridge to gorge on when hunger strikes. The natural sugar in fruits is still better than artificial variants used in processed foods.

5. Eat fiber rich foods

A good way to battle carb craving is eating plenty of fiber based foods. This ensures your stomach remains full for longer and you do not get sudden hunger pangs. Besides, fiber also enhances digestion.

6. Ensure you get deep, undisturbed sleep

Lack of enough sleep is often linked to excess intake of carb based dishes but many people are oblivious to it. When you do not get enough sleep, you end up feeling devoid of energy at day. Munching on carb based fast food and snacks comes across as a tempting option which uplifts your mood fast. However, it is also followed by a steep crash in energy levels. So, ensure you get enough sleep at night to evade feeling drained out in day. If required, make some changes in bedroom and eliminate sources of distraction.