How To Stop Hunger Pains When Dieting

Losing excess weight has become a priority for several million women and men across the globe! Obesity not only mars your appeal, but it also paves the way for several killer ailments in the long run. While dieting is what most obese people resort to, there can be loopholes that prevent them from reaching the goal. No matter what type of weight loss diet, you pick, the biggest hurdle in your way is hunger pangs. A majority of diets are based on limited eating, portion control and cutting down on favorite foods. As a result, the diet followers face hunger pain which compel many of them to discontinue.

Ways To Deal With Hunger Pain While You Are On A Diet

Beyond doubt, hunger pain can be a major deterrent when you are following diet but there are ways to overcome the hassle. Below listed are a few tried and tested methods to cope with hunger pain when you are adhering to a diet.

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1. Observing The Pattern

Not every man or woman on a weight loss diet feels hunger pains at the same time or in the same way. Some of them may feel hunger pains that are mild while for others it can be quite strong. Some diet followers may face it once a day while there are instances of people coping with it several times a day. It is important that you observe the pattern of recurrence. This will help you cope with it by making slight alterations to your meals and eating habits.

2. Learning To Evade Trigger Foods

This is where many diet followers falter. They often fail to distinguish if it is genuine hunger pang or a trigger food is suddenly making them feel hungry. Some people have weaknesses for specific snacks for fast foods, for example. Even when you are not actually hungry, the sight or smell of such foods can make you feel like having a quick bite. It may be a good idea to write down list of such trigger foods and avoid them at all times when you diet.

3. Picking Diet Foods With Care

When you shop, you will find so many brands selling foods and beverages labeled as suitable for diet followers. They are tagged as low calorie, reduced fat, etc. However, studies have shown when you are on a diet and eat such foods to beat hunger pain, you may not be satisfied after eating one pack or bottle. The craving for such foods leads to enhanced portion intake, resulting in higher than ideal calorie intake. So, ensure you, eat such foods only in limited amounts when hunger pain occurs.

4. Snacking Wisely

Your diet may restrict taking three large meals or smaller meals, all over the day. However, you may feel hungry outside that cycle, especially if you work out. To beat such hunger pains- resort to healthy snacking. Carry whole and dry fruits like apple or banana in your bag.

5. Drinking Water

No matter which diet you follow drinking a little more water will not do any harm! In fact, when you drink more water, it helps in flushing toxins out of your body. Besides, in taking water before taking a meal helps you evade overeating. It helps in coping with hunger pangs to an extent as well.

6. Exercising With Care

Nearly all diets include a workout regime for the followers. While working out can help you maximize the benefits of a diet, you should keep a watch. Too much of exercise can make you feel fatigued and cause enhanced hunger pain. This may make it difficult to adhere to the calorie intake limit and you may be tempted to gorge on prohibited foods. If necessary, you can make alterations to your workout regime and change timing of meals to evade hunger pains.

7. Increasing Portion Sizes Wisely

Increasing portion sizes while you on a diet may sound contradictory, but you can act wisely and beat hunger pains by it! Increase the amount of foods that are low on calorie yet keeps you full for longer. Examples of such foods are fish, lettuces, beans and lentils. Eating water based foods and sources of lean protein help you stay full for longer period.