How To Straighten Your Spine With Yoga

A curved spine is definitely a painful situation that quite often obstructs your day to day activities too. While scoliosis is the most common spine curvature condition, there are people who suffer from Kyphosis [50% spinal curve] and Lordosis, [also called swayback, spine curving significantly inward at lower back]. Annulling the effect of a non-straight spine often leaves the muscles painful and fatigues. Studies suggest that practicing one yoga asana just 90 seconds a day, thrice a week, for three months at a stretch, can bring in significant improvement in the curvature.

The various yoga poses stretches and lengthens your spine, allowing it to tone up and strengthen. Thus, it actually helps in straightening the spine to a certain extent. Read on to catch up with a handful of easy to practice yoga poses to straighten your spine.

4 Yoga Poses For A Straight Spine

1. Tadasana – Mountain Pose

Anyone can do. A beginner’s pose, it is a core and spine strengthening pose. It also elongates and stretches you back, allowing to correct the spinal curvature.

mountain pose

How to do:

  1. Stand straight on the mat, toes in contact, heels separated slightly. Keep the neck and shoulders relaxed, while arms rest along your body, palms facing the ceiling. This is called the Samasthithi.
  2. Taking a deep inhalation, lift your hands up and above your head.
  3. Join the palms in Namaskar mudra.
  4. With each inhalation, try to stretch your spine up as if trying to touch the ceiling.
  5. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.
  6. Once you are stable, come on your toes, balancing yourself on your toes.
  7. Keep the thighs and knees active.
  8. Suck the navel in.
  9. Hold the pose here for 10 deep breaths.
  10. Exhale, release, and relax in Samasthithi.

2. Vrikshasana – Tree Pose

Yet another balancing pose, it corrects the spine deviation triggered by improper posture. Your core is strengthened, while improving your overall balance levels. The stress and depression associated with your medical condition is also alleviated.


How to do:

  1. From Samasthithi, shift the weight to left foot.
  2. Inhale and lift your right leg in front of you, bend at the knee, and place the sole of the right foot on your left thighs. If you are not able to place on the thighs, you can place it on the calf also.
  3. Exhale and then as you inhale, lengthen the spine as much as possible. Suck your navel in and push the tailbone towards the mat.
  4. Join your hands at chest in Namaste and roll back your shoulders.
  5. Fix your gaze at a point in front of your to strike the right balance. Alternatively, you can keep your eyes closed, focusing on your breathing.
  6. Hold the pose for 10 deep breaths.
  7. Exhale, release, and relax in Samasthithi.
  8. Repeat with the left leg.

3. Marjariasana Vinyasa – Cat Cow Pose

A good back and chest opener, it stretches the muscles lying in and around your spine, toning and strengthening them. It also eases the discomfort in the back triggered by an improper spine. If you have any knee issues, then just add some additional cushioning so that you will be able to concentrate on this pose.


How to do:

  1. From Samasthithi, join your foot together.
  2. Inhale and as you exhale, bend forward and place the palms in the floor, just beneath the shoulders.
  3. Inhale, move your legs backward, one at a time.
  4. Drop your knees down in such a way that your are now balancing your body on all your fours.
  5. Keep your head down and suck in your butts and core. Spread out the fingers on the mat, palms pressing down firmly.
  6. Inhale, lift the tailbone, chest, and head up and gaze at the ceiling. Ensure that the lower back looks concave.
  7. Exhale, round your back, release your neck, tuck your chin into your chest, and drop the head down.

This makes one repetition. Do 10 to 15 such repetitions.

4. Balasana – Child’s Pose

Wind up this simple vinyasa yoga routine to straighten your spine with the child’s pose. The best stress busting asana, it improves the circulation levels. The digestion, that normally gets upset due to improper spine curvature, also gets a stimulation.

Balasana – Child Pose

How to do:

  1. Finish the Cat Cow pose with the exhalation.
  2. Inhale and push your body backward, allowing the buttocks to rest on the heels.
  3. Exhale and bring your forehead down to rest on the floor.
  4. Let the hands rest on the floor, elbows bent.
  5. Keep moving your arms forward with each exhalation to deepen the stretch and lengthen the spine and back.
  6. Keep breathing and hold the pose till you are completely relaxed.


  1. Those who are not able to place their forehead down can use a block in front of them and rest on that.
  2. Keep the knees open sideways to allow your torso to rest on the floor.

While you can practice these yoga asanas to straighten your spine at home, it is advisable to start practicing these yoga poses under a trained yoga guru to align yourself right and prevent undesirable injuries. Start practicing and stay healthy!