How To Tackle Weight Gain In This Modern Age?

Losing weight can be quite a challenge especially since most of us do not have the time to spend on implementing strategies for effective weight loss. Weight loss is not something that can be guaranteed by a recipe. There is no magic potion that you can drink to lose weight. You need to follow a well-balanced diet and perform regular physical exercises to notice positive changes in your body. People tend to gain extra pounds mainly because of faulty eating habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. Does the modern age suggest any strategies for losing weight?

Weight loss can be dealt with strategically and achieved. In this modern era, weight gain can be attributed to three major things: hunger cravings, amassing of toxins, and stress. Weight loss may not be a big deal for you when these are tackled. Read on to learn more.

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Suppressing cravings

When you skip meals or attempt to starve yourself to lose weight, you end up causing a lot of harm to your body. Not only that, but it can be even more difficult to control hunger cravings when you deprive yourself of essential nutrients – and controlling cravings is the prime strategy for quick and effective weight loss.

So, how do you handle them? You can control yearnings for certain foods through three simple, natural processes.

  1. Beat the deficiency: Cravings don’t just happen without a reason. They are usually signals that the body sends you so that you can address its needs. Though you shouldn’t ignore cravings, you should make an effort to find out the real reasons behind them. Why? Because a lot of times cravings are your body telling you that it’s missing a certain nutrient.
  2. Hydrate your body: Cravings could also be the result of dehydration in the body. For example, it is a common mistake to identify cravings for water with a craving for food. Incidentally, when you are experiencing hunger pangs, it may be a good idea to drink a glass of water before you start binging on some snack.
  3. Nourish yourself: Non-physiological factors such as loneliness and boredom or a need for comfort may be responsible for causing hunger cravings. To deal with this problem, you will then need to consider some other factors beyond food and water.

Waste causes weight gain

When your body retains fluids and toxins or metabolic wastes, it becomes prone to fat accumulation – and it starts to hold back fat for protection against fat-soluble toxins. So, until you can successfully eliminate the toxins from your body, you cannot control weight gain.

Different organs detoxify the body and can help get rid of these toxins. The best way to do this is to reduce the amount of toxic substances or junk foods you take in. You can buy more organically produced foods instead of foods packed with chemicals like preservatives. This is the most effective way to prepare your body for natural detoxification.

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Manage stress

Whenever the body experiences stress, it starts to release cortisol, which slows down metabolism and also makes blood sugar levels fluctuate. Stress also contributes to the storage of fat in the mid-section. To relax the nervous system and make it stronger, you can start taking in more herbs like ginseng, basil, chamomile, and lemon balm, which can all work wonders for your emotional wellbeing. Including more calcium in your diet can also help, as calcium has been known to help calm the nerves.

Weight loss programs

If none of the above factors alone work for you – or if you simply don’t have the time to focus on such measures – you might also consider joining a weight loss program to trim down and get in shape. Popular weight loss programs like Nutrisystem and Insanity offer diverse diet plans and workout suggestions according to each individual’s personal inputs. Nutrisystem assures weight loss of up to 1 to 2 pounds per week if plans are adhered to sincerely. They also suggest performing daily workouts to stay fit and get slim.

With such effective modern measures, you can surely foresee a healthy and safe weight loss.

Jessica Robert has eight years of blogging experience in the health and fitness niche. She has written guest articles for many health sites. Her simple blog the diet circle features informative articles about various dieting methods and weight loss tips.