How To Take A Safe Break From Diabetes

Unlike other common diseases, diabetes cannot be treated or dealt with, it can only be managed. Living with diabetes can be tough- one needs to make several healthy choices when it comes to food and lifestyle. Sugary foods are an absolute no-no for someone affected by this disease.

But is there a way to take a safe break from diabetes and indulge in your favourite foods without worrying about any complications? Yes- keep reading to know more.

Stay Active

Apart from paying close attention to the diet, it is also important to stay active when it comes to diabetes. If you have not been physically active, now’s the time to do so. Engage in some light exercise (around 20 minutes daily). It can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk or playing a game of table tennis or even just walking around.


Regular physical activity doesn’t just help keep you fit and active, but also helps improve your body’s ability to control blood glucose levels, which is extremely beneficial for a diabetic patient.

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Make Smart Food Choices

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The most simplest way to stay in control of your health and still enjoy your favourite foods is to make smart food choices. Don’t just focus on limiting your sugar intake, pay close attention to the number of calories you take in too. When dining out, choose foods that offer small portions and stay away from high fat foods. It is a good idea to have a bowl of soup or a fresh salad before you proceed towards your meal- this will fill you up faster and you’ll eat less. Also choose boiled, grilled or baked versions of your dishes instead of fried ones. Opt for lean meats as opposed to red meat and processed meats.

Diabetics should also avoid consuming sodas and sugary drinks- they tend to pack in a lot of sugar and calories. Instead, go for dark chocolate or low fat flavoured yogurt for your sweet cravings.

Be Careful with your Meds


The rule of the thumb when it comes to taking your meds is that you must take them on time, and only in the dose as suggested by your physician. Make sure you take your meds regularly and on time- it has been found that this simple step can go a long way in protecting you from several possible complications associated with high blood glucose levels. If you doubt you’ve missed your dose the earlier day, do not take twice the dose the next day- overdose of meds can lead to toxicity which may even put you at the risk of having to undergo a hospital admission.

Stay Optimistic

It may be hard to believe, but yes, staying positive and optimistic can improve your health drastically. It has been found that chronic anxiety and depression can worsen your condition and impair your body’s ability to control blood glucose levels. Staying positive and happy about your condition can keep you focused on your goal of handling diabetes and will help you make wiser choices concerning your health.

Plan it Out

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One of the best ways to take a break from your diabetes and still stay in control is to plan out everything. If you’re going for a short picnic where you’d like to indulge in some good foods and delicacies, create a short plan focusing on the amount of calories you can take in, and how much you have left for the rest of your meals.

Go for a Change

The best way to get a change from your diabetic life is to explore- go out for a road trip or read a new book. Basically, the idea is to indulge yourself in different activities you didn’t really try earlier. It has been found that getting yourself enrolled in a gym or a laughter club or even just travelling to a different place can have many benefits for your health. You can check out some videos on YouTube and try your hand at different cuisines of the world, or learn a new language or get yourself swimming lessons or simply take up a home improvement project. Shopping is a great stress buster too, so if you’re feeling low, go out and shop.