How To Take Ginger Powder

Ginger is no stranger to us in the kitchen and its health and culinary benefits are widely known. Ginger, dried and powdered does a lot of wonders and best of all is we get to ditch those dreary meds. Including ginger powder in your routine is effortless, and you’ll soon find yourself reaching for it without even realizing that you were.

Consumption of ginger powder at home is a simple and easy home remedy for common ailments. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-toxic and anti-histamine properties make ginger a much sought after ingredient that is thankfully easily available. We’ll explore the different ways to consume ginger powder (for treating common ailments) while also making it pleasing to the palate.

Ginger Powder

1. Ginger powder with honey

Fresh ginger powder can directly be mixed with honey as an exciting breakfast option or a healthy afternoon snack. Mix the two to make a thick paste-like consistency, apply it generously on bread or crackers and you’re good to go.

2. Ginger powder with tea

If you love your “cuppa tea” then we have just the ingredient to lend it that extra zing. Including a bit of ginger powder with your daily cup of tea just armed your innocuous teacup with a host of anti-inflammatory properties. Managing your weight with a bit of ginger powder to your tea has also proved highly effectual in this era of crash diets and power workouts.

3. Ginger powder with jaggery

This is one duo that never goes wrong. The subtle saccharine characteristic of jaggery together with a zest of ginger, not only make a very flavour some combo, but also team up to fight common colds with a vengeance. Try adding a tablespoon of ginger powder and jaggery to your cookie dough and watch the kids gobble them up.

4. Ginger powder with cloves and salt

While we can’t say that this trio will leave you licking your spatula, it certainly is renowned for its potency. A nagging cold with a persistent runny nose can be zapped away in a flash with this heady mix of ingredients.

5. Ginger powder with warm water

Ingested with warm water, ginger powder has proved its efficacy for those battling severe migraines. A thick paste of the same can also be applied to the forehead to help stubborn headaches subside. Boiling ginger powder and water together to make a drink helps soothe the swollen joints of those suffering from arthritis. Applying a thick paste on throbbing joints also goes a long way to ease this painful condition afflicting the aged.

6. Ginger powder and milk powder

A mixture of ginger powder and milk powder into a smooth paste-like consistency will be music to the ears of the beauty conscious. Application of this paste on the face for about 20 minutes helps clear acne and breakouts. This paste when used once a week not only rejuvenates the skin, but increases cell turnover, leaving you with a gorgeous glow.

Make ginger your friend today!

The benefits of ginger are vast and setting aside some time to incorporate ginger powder in your routine can only reap equally ‘vast’ rewards. Your husband will thank you when he sees his waistline going down, the kids will be begging for more cookies and you certainly won’t be hearing a sniffle in your household. For your aging parents or your very own headache, its ginger to the rescue. Need we mention that ginger powder even tastes good when paired with many other ingredients also found on your humble kitchen shelf. All aboard say, three cheers for ginger!