How To Treat Blood Impurities

Blood acts as the most vital fluid in your body and it plays a role behind keeping all organs and muscles in form. It also acts as a carrier of oxygen. The heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body and it is essential that blood remains clean. While the kidneys cleanse the blood of toxins, at times you may need to take additional measures to clean blood. When blood is not clean it can lead to adverse effects in the body. Fortunately, you need not resort to any complex procedure to cleanse the blood. Neither do you need to spend a lot of money.

Below listed are a few effective methods that can be used to cleanse the blood:

Drinking Plenty of Water

drink water

It is not without reasons that doctors and health experts advise people to drink adequate water every day. Apart from quenching thirst, water helps in washing and eliminating the toxins in the body. An adult person needs 64 Oz of water a day on an average. Drinking adequate water also helps the kidneys in your body function properly and flushes out the debris.

Fruit Juices


Drinking juices of fruits and vegetables like carrots, beet and lemon help in cleansing the body and bloodstream. Using lemon juice with a dash of honey and warm water also works well. You can surely intake, homemade fruit and vegetable juices, but refrain from taking in much caffeine based drinks as they can contain elements that produce toxin in the body.

Drink up Detox Tea

Billions of people in the world love drinking tea several times a day. However, when prepared with apt herbal ingredients, tea can also act as a blood detoxifying agent. There are some herbs that have effective cleansing properties and you can mix them with green tea or tea leaves to prepare detox tea. The examples of such herbs are burdock root, red clover.

If you cannot procure them in natural form, look in the markets to find dried powders. Refrain from using milk when you make such tea and add honey as a sweetener. Drinking herbal tea made with such herbs also offers a plethora of health benefits.

Keeping The Liver Clean

The liver needs to be kept cleaned. If the liver is kept clean, the body including bloodstream remains clean from waste and toxins. You can consume Milk thistle in moderation to keep the liver in shape.

Treating Indigestion

A major reason of toxic elements remaining in the blood is lack of proper digestion. To aid the digestion process in the body, you can use herbs like black pepper. Using black pepper powder on foods can help. If there are certain types of foods you have difficulty in digesting, exclude them from your diet.

Using Herbs In Meals


There are a number of herbs that can be used in your meals to ensure blood gets cleansed. These herbs have proven healing properties that are also useful for you. They are also available at most places and do not cost much.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper helps increase blood flow. It helps in blood toxin elimination. It can be found in powder form in many grocery stores. It can be used with various types of foods. You may use it with salads and soups, in particular.


Echinacea is an herb with antibiotic attributes. It detoxifies blood and can be taken as a supplement. It can also be used in herbal tea preparation.


Garlic Cloves

Garlic is one herb with pungent flavour that has several health benefits. It helps in purifying blood. You can take garlic cloves with water. If that is what you do not find feasible, use it in salads, sandwiches in minced forms. You can use it to make several veg and meat dishes as well. You may also intake garlic tablets available.


Dandelion is another herb that can be used to cleanse the blood. Since it works as a natural diuretic, it eliminates toxins from the blood. It is also available in tea form nowadays.


Ginger has many health benefits including digestion and blood detoxification. It also enhances blood circulation in the body. You can use it in making tea. Ginger also goes well for making various side dishes and meat based delicacies. It is cheap and available all over the year.

The easiest way to keep your blood clean, is to drink plenty of water in tandem with the above home remedies and herbs. When your blood stream is clean and free of toxins, your skin will glow and so will your general health improve.