How To Treat Conduct Disorder In Children

Parenting turns into a daunting task, especially when your growing child showcases tantrums and adamancy in inadmissible levels. Even though you all might be taking care to instill only good values in your kids, many a time children might learn certain habits that are not acceptable in the long run. So, how do you handle them? Here are a couple of tips that should help you if you are facing such conduct disorders in your child.

What Is Conduct Disorder?

Conduct disorder, which affects more than 10% of the children across the world, is a set of negative behaviors that kids show towards others, with boys displaying more of this behavioral trouble.

conduct disorder

Some of the most common examples of conduct disorder are:

  1. Frequent lying
  2. Destructive nature
  3. Constant violation of rules and regulations
  4. Temper tantrums
  5. Aggressive behavior such as bullying other kids or harming animals

How Can You Handle Conduct Disorder In Your Kids?

Read on to know what you can do:

1. Spend Quality Time With Your Children!

You can get them gifts, loads of them. But that is not enough. Kids need your time, care, and attention. Studies suggest that children with busy parents show conduct disorders in an attempt to be the center of attraction. Talk to them and play with them. Even if it is for 10 or 15 minutes a day, this will bring in a massive wave of change in their behavior.

2. Inculcate Good Habits With Examples!

Teach your kids the good way of life through examples. There are numerous story books on good moral values available. You can take their help to sow the seeds of goodness in your kid.

3. Never Compare!

Comparing your kid with another child of the same age leads to aggression. There are scientific evidences that suggest that comparison among kids could trigger a sense of non-approval and non-acceptance in the child that paves for these negative behaviors and even depression in the long run.

4. Be Gentle With Your Kid!

You can scold him, but that should be the last step. Make him understand in a gentle way that will make him realize his mistakes.

5. Become His Role Model!

Kids learn everything from the adults. You might be throwing tantrums out of fits of anger or frustration and that sets the stage for your kid to learn the same from you. So, be extremely careful about your reactions to any given incident.

6. Steer Your Child In A Positive Direction!

Convince your kids to transform his emotions and negative energies into a creative, positive way. You could ask the kid to take up the hobby of his/her choice and practice that to do away with any and all negative behaviors.

7. Listen To Your Child!

Convince your child to talk his or her mind out. Listen to what the kid has to tell you. This will help you understand your child in a better way. It will also help in improving the relationship you share with your child and help you in tackling the situation in a better way.

8. Ask For Help!

You should opt for proper help such as child helpline if you are not able to handle the situation. Your child may have to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy and psychotherapy, depending on the root causes, to overcome conduct disorder.

There is no one-stop solution that does the magic. Every kid has different needs and requirements; the underlying causes also vary. Be very careful when you are handling your child lest you want some disastrous results! Patience, love, and care are three vital factors that will help your child to transform himself.