How To Treat Mulberry Allergy Naturally

Many people tend to suffer from certain specific or non specific allergies. One such, quite common type of allergy is towards the pollen grains (these are air borne) of Mulberry trees. Mulberry trees bloom around the month of April till June. Mulberry allergy causes problems to many people in form of rhinitis leading to runny and congested nose along with watery eyes, redness in eyes (conjunctivitis) etc.While popping some anti allergic/anti histaminic drugs like citrizine, phenylepherine etc, or Nasal Decongestants after consultation from a doctor and avoiding the environmental triggers by wearing mouth masks etc, always remains an option. Another way to build up resistance in the body against these pollens and to desensitize the body against them is to inject small amounts of this plant extract in the body of the person. There are certain natural ways , too in order to keep the sympoms of Mulberry allergy under check.

mulberry allergy

Natural Treatment alternatives of Mulberry Allergy

  • There is a plant called Nettle, the leaves of which are rich in natural substances that have anti histaminic properties. if you suffer from chronic mulberry allergy then you might buy the freeze dried form of Nettle leaves and store them in your refrigerator for usage, as and when required.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: The extracts of this plant has numerous therapeutic benefits for those suffering from Mulberry allergy. This plant has substance called “ginkogolide” that is anti allergic and reduces the appearance of symptoms, considerably.
  • Substances that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are great for those suffering from specific/non specific allergies. Some of the good sources of omega 3 fatty acids are: Flaxseeds, fishes like salmon, cod liver oil etc
  • Freshly extracted raw honey too has anti inflammatory and anti allergic properties that can be harnessed to treat mulberry and other allergies. Honey really helps with thick phlegm and helps in providing relief from phlegm.
  • Probiotics are symbiotic bacteria that reside in our body and in return produce substances that help in maintaining a healthy gut/ digestive system. This in-turn, promotes overall general health including boosting up our body’s immunity. you may consume yoghurt, homemade or with added probiotic bacteria. Also, there are capsules available in market that contain these probiotic bacteria, these can be consumed after consulting your doctor. These capsules do not cause any major side effects.
  • Quercetin is a plant extract that is believed to have anti allergic/ anti histaminic properties, too. It is found certain things like grapes, green tea etc. it is also available in over the counter preparations.

Home Remedies To Counter Mulberry Allergy

  • Mix alum salt with small quantities of honey. This salt can be licked to relieve cough.
  • Diluted Lime juice with a bit of powdered dried ginger and cumin seeds is found to be really effective
  • Juice of onions mixed with honey can be taken to treat allergy associated problems of cough, sore throat, congestion and wheezing.
  • Juice of tulsi/ basic is a great natural expectorant, too. You can also make a potion by mixing juice of onion, ginger, honey and crushed basil leaves.
  • Cardamoms can be chewed to relieve cough and associated symptoms.
  • Drinking black coffee is also advocated by some.
  • Roasted gram seeds when consumed with warm milk at bedtime are considered good for phlegm.
  • You must be aware of the laxative action of isabgol but did you know, it can help relieve respiratory distress also. Take isabgol twice a day to get relief from rhinitis associated with mulberry allergy.
  • To help with congestion, sucking on some cloves is an old and reliable methods as cloves thin out the phlegm and help in expectorating it out.
  • Using warm mustard oil mixed with rock salt to massage the body helps with upper respiratory tract associated symptoms of mulberry allergy.

Before starting with any of the above treatments, make sure to consult a naturopath who might be able to guide you better regarding other possible home remedies, usage of herbs and other plant extracts to treat your Mulberry allergies better. Severe cases often might not show response to home remedies and need a definitive treatment after a thorough consultation from a health care advisor.