How To Use Acupressure Points For Weight Loss

Have you tried acupressure points for losing weight? Yes! Acupressure is a system as well as a science which is famous in the alternate medicine field. Its theory is constructed on the fact that life energy runs over best part in our body. Many people have used acupressure for weight loss by finding facts on the body that can release pressure on the gastric system. Understanding how to use acupressure for weight loss, when joined with a healthy diet and workout, can benefit you to grasp your fitness goals. Therefore, today in this article we focused the use of Acupressure points for weight loss.

Acupressure points, if used in the correct mode, help in successfully using the pressure points on your body to attention your own body’s vitality into removing toxic waste from your body and permit you to drop weight. By pressing on some exact points, you renovate the forces to balance, aiding to switch your appetite and decrease your desire for food.

Weight Loss Acupressure Points

  • Appetite control point
  • Large intestine acupressure point
  • Stomach acupressure point
  • Liver acupressure point
  • Ankle acupressure point
  • Upper lip acupressure point
  • Elbow acupressure points

Acupressure for Weight Loss

Use of Acupressure Points For Weight Loss:

Now, these points that are given underneath create for an all-round washing and inspiring system in your body directing at the extreme weight loss by swelling your metabolic rate, growing blood circulation to support the digestive as well as rejection system in the body.

1. Ear Point:

The stomach point on your ear may benefit with improving digestion, as well as regulate appetite. This point is situated in the central of the ear on the flat elevated point, identified as the crus of the helix. Set continuous pressure with your fingers on this point for around 3 minutes and repeat on both ears.

2. Upper Lip point:

This point, positioned in the mid of the upper lip and supports to control appetite. With the ball of your thumb, put on enough pressure to this point on the upper lip, and grasp it for 20 seconds. Repeat if needed.

3. Elbow Point:

Pressing the middle point on the elbow is mode to regulate emotions that lead to eat too much. However pressing this and further points may cause an instant response. It may also takings up to 3 days for reaction passages in the brain to develop planned by acupressure.

4. Ankle point:

This pressure point is connected to the spleen and supports in reinforcement your digestive system. This pressure point is fundamentally placed close your ankle bone to the portion fronting intimate of your legs. This point must be detained in pressure by the thumb for around 2 minutes and recurring on both legs.

5. Knee Point:

This acupressure point is linked to your stomach and controls blood circulation to support digestion. This pressure point is situated nearby your knee cap. Starting your kneecap, transfer four finger spaces down and try to feel the muscle when you transfer your leg at this point. This point is around 1 finger space away from the shin bone. Do not press hard but use moderate quantity of pressure for one minute at this point on equal legs.

6. Pressure Point For The Large Intestine:

Move your limbs a thumb-width from your elbow joint to the inside fold of your elbow. Start with your left arm by keeping your left hand close by to your chest and by means of your right thumb to put on pressure for around 1 minute. Repeat by altering the arm.