How To Use Ginseng For Male Stamina

Ginseng is a well known Chinese herb that adds stamina and energy to men’s general well-being. However, what it is popular for is enhancing and boosting male sexual stamina. Also known as Panax, Ginseng is a plant root that has been used since ages in China for its positive effects on the human glandular system. It has such amazing effects on both men and women that it is considered a miraculous root; and this has led to an increase in Ginseng prices manifold.

Today, people have started cultivating ginseng. However, domestically grown ginseng is not as effective as the one growing in the wild. The pharmaceutical versions of ginseng, like Viagra, show instantaneous results. However, the original ginseng has to be consumed at least for a couple of weeks to show desired results.

Ginseng plant’s roots are important ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. Herbalists promote the roots as an adaptogen. An adaptogen promotes healthier reaction during mental and physical stress. Science has proven this herb has outstanding effects on male stamina.


Sexual Performance

Ginseng is the magic herb for both men and women to improve their sexual performance. Many studies conducted on the herb suggest that it may have better effects on sexual interests and improving libido. Scientific studies have shown the herb’s ability to tackle stress and with some effect on sexual performance, as well.

Erectile Dysfunction

The National Institutes of Health have conducted various tests on Ginseng, which prove it can help in eliminating symptoms of male impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction. Men on whom this herb was tested were able to have lasting, firmer and easy-to-attain erections. However, its effectiveness and safety in treating patients of sexual dysfunction is still not clear.


There are various institutes whose studies have suggested Ginseng can improve fertility in men. It increases their sperm count and sperm motility. Thus, it can be given as a medication to men with low sperm count. Many studies are ongoing to decide the correct dosage of the root for fertility treatments.

Premature Ejaculation

Herbalists claim premature ejaculation can be cured with a combination of herbs, amongst which ginseng is a key ingredient. As per the treatment, 0.20 g of Ginseng-containing cream when applied topically may help to treat premature ejaculation. However, there is no proof of Ginseng being able to produce positive results on its own.

How to Use Ginseng

After finding out how Ginseng can help male stamina you must be wondering how to use it. So, here is how you can use this aphrodisiac at home.

  1. It is important to buy only high quality dried ginseng root. Remember good quality Ginseng will be expensive, but would be highly effective. Hence, find a reliable supplier.
  2. Dried ginseng root should be powdered using a grater. Don’t grind the entire root as it loses potency when exposed to air. Just grind the desired amount.
  3. Add one cup of water to one teaspoon of the ground root.
  4. Drink this concoction early in the morning on an empty stomach. You can drink it three times a day, but always on an empty stomach.
  5. Ginseng can be consumed regularly for four consecutive months. Thereafter, give a break for a few weeks to a month and resume the consumption.

There are stories of Chinese emperors drinking Ginseng throughout their lives. It is believed soldiers in ancient China used to carry Ginseng to battlefields for sustenance during injuries. There are various Chinese folklores of people astonishingly energized by Ginseng root. Now you too know the secret of how to use Ginseng for male stamina. So, use it to boost your energy and stamina like never before!