How To Use Olive Oil For Your Baby

It is quite natural for you to have heard about the numerous benefits of Olive oil. This natural extract is found in plenty of skin care products using body creams, hair conditioners and others. Olive oil is also good for cardiovascular health and that explains why it is a staple in the Mediterranean diet. However, not any people are aware of the fact it is good for babies as well. You can use olive oil in a number of ways to keep your child in good health. There are many brands of olive oil and various types, but using extra virgin variant should be safe.

Below listed are the top ways to use Olive oil for a baby:

For Treating Body Rashes

Olive oil can be useful for treating any skin problem your baby is facing, especially diaper rash. No matter how costly the diaper is, baby skin is ultra sensitive and wearing diapers for long durations and consequent rubbing can lead to rashes. You can prepare a mixture with olive oil and water in 2:1 ratio. Shaking it will lead to the formation of a milky emulsion. Then remove the diaper carefully and wipe the hip part of baby with warm and soft cloth. Then wash hands with soap or disinfectant solution. Take some olive oil emulsion in palms and apply on the back of the baby. Rub the emulsion gently on the skin and then place a new diaper.

Using Olive Oil For Babies

For Soft and Manageable Hair

Olive oil can be issued to ensure your baby gets soft, healthy and well maintained hair. Some babies are born with naturally frizzy and coarse hair and they can benefit from Olive oil application on scalp.

For Treating Cradle Cap and Lice

A lot of babies suffer from cradle cap, which is a dandruff which forms as dry flaky skin layer on the baby’s head. You can apply Olive oil on the head of the baby and massage it softly. After 15 minutes, wash off with gentle shampoo. A few applications will help the baby get rid of cradle cap. This oil also helps babies get rid of head lice.

For Treating Constipation

The digestive system of a baby is quite delicate and it can be sensitive to dietary alterations. So, at times, a healthy baby too can suffer from sudden bouts of constipation or diarrhea. Olive Oil can be deployed as a nice and effective digestive stimulant. Some infants can find it hard to digest formula milk and application of Olive oil can help. The same thing can happen when the parents start giving solid food to the babies. However, seek medical advice, before you can offer the baby Olive oil with foods.

For Skin Moisturizing and Massaging

It is necessary to keep the baby’s skin well hydrated at all times. While a lot of parents resort to using a typical baby cream, lotion or moisturizer products, you may try Olive oil which is natural and harmless. Except for babies with very sensitive skin, application of this oil should not affect the skin adversely.

Before applying Olive oil on baby skin for massaging, give him or her a bath in warm water and dry the body with a soft towel. Then take some amount of olive oil in your palms and rub until the hands become warm. Now, massage the baby beginning with the legs and then moving to the upper body. Massage gently and ensure no spot is left dry. However, when managing the face, make sure you do not use too much oil. This can be done thrice a week or more depending on the time of year and skin type of the infant.