How To Use Salt And Pepper Bath For Pain Release

Pain is relieved and mind gets healed by taking salt and pepper bath. This bath will take away your all restlessness of whole day and it also acts like a button that is called RESET.

The following is the procedure for how to use salt and pepper bath for pain release:

It Is A Process Having Three Steps Mentioned As Below:

1. Release – Stress or inflammation could be the source of pain. Reason of the pain should be released as soon as possible. Pain is registered by the brain whether it is any physical or emotional pain. We should be aware of the reason of origin of pain. At that time we need the salt and pepper bath.


  • 2 Full cups of Epsom Salt
  • 4 to 6 black pepper oil drops

Salt And Pepper Bath

Drops of Aromatherapy black pepper oil and Epsom salt are added to your bath and stir until all salt gets dissolved. Soak yourself for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. You should remain silent and calm in the bathing tub. If possible you should also give a try to meditation in the tub. It will help you in getting a good sleep at that night. Pain will be relived as it will lighten and relieve your muscles. Your mind will also feel relaxed. You should take along and deep breathe while you sink yourself in the tub. All thoughts of others annoyed body language will also fade away. It will refresh you.

2. Reflect – If you notice that your pain is in a long term that is around 3 to 4 months and the reason behind the pain is not a sharp injury. Then you should rewind back in your thoughts and should try to find out the possible reasons. You can lay emphasis on factors such as any changes in your diet, any type of urgency or greater work load at your working place or you have gone to get checked your vitamin D or blood levels to a doctor. Concluding the definitive reason of the pain will help to improve the body’s anti inflammatory chemicals and natural pain killers. That will automatically help you in releasing your pain.

3. Diffuse and shine – You should always find a natural process which helps in resuscitate and regenerating the body. Get a good sleep at least of 6-8 hours for a night and 20 to 30 minutes nap in the afternoon. Find out some activities which help you in self development. Quit smoking, not to drink or stop eating junk food. Your activity should be composed of pepper and salt bath. You should meditate while taking this bath. Negative thoughts should go off while you are in tub. Start thinking of the one you love most like about your kids, any close and loving friend or your spouse. Your full body will start to smile with the help of those thoughts in the salt and pepper bath tub.. It will make you look pleased and more gracious. It will let your pain to get diffused and your face will shine off. The salt and pepper bath also helps in relieving the inflammation from muscles. You should take this bath .You should start the bath after you come home from office or after a busy schedule .it should be hot enough to bear. Epsom salt is used as they contain magnesium sulfate. Magnesium is being absorbed in our body with help of Epsom salts. Parathyroid glands calcium level is supported.stiffness, soreness and bloating is helped out or cured with the help of Epsom salts.

While taking this bath you will feel good emotionally as well as physically. Your mind will also get relaxed. Negative thinking should get converted to positive thoughts through meditation in salt and pepper bath tub. Try this for at least one year of period to notice changes in the grey matter of brain that is responsible for the reason of carrying the pain.

Meditation in this salt and pepper bath tub also helps you to adjust to prepare yourself and giving you self compassion. This salt and pepper bath is extremely useful for working women who serves the whole family, running around for everyone’s need, taking care of children and elders and then handling office work too. They don’t have sufficient time to look after themselves. This will remove their pain and full day fatigue and make them ready for the next day.

It will also surpass the pain and burden which is pressing on your heart due to some unfulfilled expectations from loved ones, or broken heart. In the bath tub you will give some quality time to yourself and think over all the prospects. You will feel that heart is lightened and its pain is diminishing away.