How Vitamin D Helps You Build Strong Muscles

Doctors advise new moms to ensure that they and their babies get a good dose of sun. Why? It is because the sun gives vitamin D, a powerful vitamin that is essential for your bones and muscles.

Better late than never! This saying sounds true when we talk about vitamin D. While it could be due to the increasing incidences of osteoporosis and skin cancer, the once neglected vitamin D has now gained popularity. If you are trying to burn the fat and build muscles or you want to strengthen your muscles, then ensure that your supplement list includes this vitamin. So, what is the great fuss about this vitamin? Let’s take a look.

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Vitamin D And Stronger Muscles

It is a fat-soluble vitamin that you could find in various types of foods. Your body has the potential to synthesize the same when you are exposed to the early rays of the sun. Your body is packed generously with vitamin D receptors that capture the sun and transform into this essential vitamin. Right from keeping you slim and fit to easing your pain and shielding you from various types of cancers, vitamin D does it all. People who are vitamin D deficient are highly susceptible to softer and weaker bones and muscles. They also are at a higher risk of fractures and impaired immunity systems.

Read on to know how your muscles become stronger with vitamin D.

1. Improves Neuromuscular Functions


According to assorted studies, people who have vitamin D levels less than 30 nmol/l experience high levels of muscle weakness and muscle wasting. They also exhibit poor muscular strength. Vitamin D is essential to ensure that protein in synthesized properly by the body, which in turn impacts the way muscles and nerves in the body function.

2. Prevents Fat From Penetrating Into The Muscles


Studies suggest that vitamin D deficiency triggers the formation of fatty muscles. The higher the levels of vitamin D is, the lesser the infiltration of fat into the muscles is. When your muscles are not penetrated by fat, they tend to be leaner and stronger. In short, ensure that you have a minimum vitamin D level of 30 ng/ml to ensure that your muscles are lean and not eaten up fat.

3. Improves Your Immunity

Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Lack of adequate levels of vitamin D is probably one of the least understood causes of various autoimmune conditions. There are cases where such diseases deplete the muscles, leading to unexpected weakness and muscle wasting. According to the studies, people who were put on vitamin D supplements showcased recuperated better without losing much muscle as against the non-vitamin D group.

4. Keeps Your Bones Stronger

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You would definitely be wondering the link between bones and muscles. Weak, deformed bones do not have the potential to support your muscles. And, when the muscles are not supported, they slowly lose their strength, paving way for wasting and weakness. One of the key elements essential for stronger bones is calcium and for your bones to absorb calcium, your body should have vitamin D adequately. In short, if you do not have requisite levels of vitamin D, then you could forget your strong muscles.

5. Prevents Muscle Wasting After Workouts


As mentioned in the above lines, vitamin D has the potential to prevent muscle wasting after a strenuous workout routine. Along with that, it ensures that your muscles recuperate quicker. The muscles are also shielded from succumbing to wear and tear. All these factors contribute jointly to stronger muscles.

The Science

According to a study published in the American College of Sports Medicine – Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, a beautiful explanation was given about the strong connection that exists between vitamin D and stronger muscles.

According to Paul D. Thompson, M.D., the chief of cardiology at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, who lead this research, “The results of this study indicate that vitamin D may be a viable treatment for muscle strength loss in adults. This is a key area of aging research since people lose strength as they age, but maintaining muscle strength helps prevent falls and fractures, and preserves the ability to live independently”.

So, How Much Vitamin D Should You Take Daily?

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According to The Institute of Medicine, a healthy person needs to intake 600 IU of vitamin D daily. You could get this by including 3 oz canned tuna or 3 oz cooked salmon in your diet. If you are not fond of fish, then you could opt for vitamin D fortified milk and cereals also. You also get vitamin D fortified eggs.

Vitamin D supplements are also available in the market in the form of tincture, capsules, and powder.The dosage of these supplements are mentioned on the containers itself.

As with any other supplement, check with your doctor before you try vitamin D for stronger muscles.