How Weight Loss Apps Help You To Lose Weight

Whether you are aiming to shed excess weight or get fitter this year, keeping your New Year resolution is now simpler than you thought. Your smart phone could step into the role of your fitness guru to help you get and stay in shape. It is always with you as your true, trusted friend. It allows you to access countless powerful apps that could render a major helping hand in your transformation.

Every weight loss app is unique on its own. While some the apps concentrate of food logging and weight tracking, the others offers you an opportunity to enjoy some good exercise and boost your motivation levels. Studies suggest that people who maintain a food journal have better willpower and shed excess weight faster than non-journal keepers.

Here are eight such apps that will help you keep track of what you eat daily, ensure that your workout smarter, and keep you motivated throughout your journey. So, are you ready for the journey?

8 Weight Loss Apps Every Person Who Wants To Lose Weight Should Know

1. Lose It!

Lose it Weight Loss App

It is a free weight loss app that has been designed to help you shed the excess weight, meet your goal, and sustain the results for long periods. It is an app that has its versions for iPhone and Android. You can view the results by logging into the website through your computer also. This app also connects you with like minded people from across the globe and help you update your needs so that your decisions related to weight loss are smarter.

You are free to create a customized plan for your weight loss that comprises your target weight as well as your entire wellness and fitness goals. It allows you to access information from food base complete with calorie information. Just search the foods or add your own foods to the list. You can also upload your recipes or just scan the UPC to add a new food.

Coupled with Nike+, RunKeeper, and other such devices, Lose It is a comprehensive weight loss app that is sure to make your challenge an interesting one.

2. Calorie Counter My Net Diary

Calorie Counter My Net Diary

This app is available for Android and iPhone and is one of the most effective and efficient weight loss apps people love. It helps to keep track of your nutrition and calorie intake. It also tracks your exercise regimen, thus ensuring that you are not overeating. The graphs and charts that showcase your progress work as powerful motivators. You can retrieve information to fill your log from the 420,000 odd food entries found in its database. You also have the provision to add new foods by just scanning the barcode in case of packaged items.

3. Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

Fooducate Weight Loss Coach

A super cool nutrition app that has been designed to used on iPhone and Android phones, it reveals all the hidden information of all the foods you eat. It even tells you the source of the vitamins in your protein bar and lets you know if the sugar content is beyond admissible levels.

The app has the provision to categorize foods based on its ingredients and substitutes used, thus offering you a chance to choose the healthier one. You can use it to modify your diet into a healthier one. When used along with an exercise app, it would be one of the best deals.

4. Noom Weight Loss

Noom Weight Loss

This one is available only for the Android users. It is an A to Z app for those who want to shed the excess pounds. It works in three unique ways. Along with helping you set your target weight and track your progress, this app makes you more responsible and accountable for whatever you eat. It reminds you to journal your exercise regimen, this ensuring that your journey is a smooth one.

5. Eat This, Not That! Game

Eat This, Not That! Game

It is available only for the iPhone users. Just think of an app that would help you shed those excess fat from your body by playing game.. Interesting, right? That is what this one is. You will be given two choices of the same food item and you have to guess the healthier version. It makes you realize the wrong decisions your make, but also teaches you various tricks to create healthier meals.

6. MyFitnessPal


This is, perhaps, one of the most popular weight loss and fitness app that has been around for a while. It tracks your food intake and exercise regimen. It allows to access more than million foods from its verified database. You can also see your progress and track the same. It is a free app that ensures that you have a personalized weight loss profile complete with a customized diet and exercise plan.

It works on iPhone and Android as well as BlackBerry and Windows Phone. You can find you friends and create a support group to keep you motivated. Connected with apps like Withings, Jawbone UP, Runtastic, and Endomondo, it is a complete weight loss app.

7. Diet Point – Weight Loss

Diet Point - Weight Loss

It is a weight loss app that works by creating customized diet plans, the quintessential tool for weight loss. It has personalized shopping lists also. Plus, this app also reminds you to eat at the right time so that you would be able to put an end to mindless munching. The BMI calculator offered by this app helps you know whether your height to weight ratio also, thereby clarifying your doubt about your actual weight also.
It offers over 500 tips that would help you perk up your fitness plan. If you are confused about an estimate, then you can keep that aside as Diet Point offers you that also so that you could modify your goal accordingly.

It works on iPhone and Android phones.

8. Nike+ Training Club

Nike+ Training Club

Working out is important for weight loss. Along with a good diet, a proper workout is essential to ensure that you lose weight. The Nike Training Club app is a great place to kick off a new workout regimen to keep yourself motivated. There are more than 100 workouts and you can choose one workout at a time or a program that will last for four weeks.

The app can be used safely by newbies and advanced practitioners alike. Use it on your television with HDMI cable, ChromeCast or AirPlay or use it on your tablet.

What would be your choice when it comes to choosing a weight loss app? Share your views with us!