How Yoga Can Benefit Women In Menopause

A woman who is in her menopausal stage of her life is constantly under the threat of a wide array of physical and mental issues. According to a new study, menopausal women who practice yoga have higher relief from the symptoms of this stage of life as against the non-practitioners. Yoga is the ideal way to prevent and ease the discomforts associated with menopause.

So, How Does Yoga Help Menopausal Women? Read On To Know!

1. Helps In Balancing Hormones

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Menopause is accompanied by loads and loads of hormonal changes. Regular practice of yoga helps in achieving the hormonal balance, thereby smoothening the journey. Practice of yoga poses such as Sukhasana helps in stabilizing the hormonal fluctuations. Just sit cross-legged and close your eyes. Take three deep breaths and permit your mind to relax. Accept and acknowledge all the thoughts that come to your mind. Focus on your breath and relax as the pose weaves its magic.

2. Helps In Combating Stress

Yoga poses work via regulating your breathing. The ability to control the breath lowers anxiety and stress. It also clears the negative thoughts and feelings, leaving you calm and composed. Sit on your heels and stretch yourself with an exhale to come to Balasana and ward off stress.

3. Eases Physical Discomfort

Menopause, in generally, is accompanied by chronic back and neck pain. Regular practice of Surya Namaskar stretches all the muscles and improves the flexibility of the joints. You just need 8 rounds a day to do away with your menopausal physical discomfort.

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4. Lower Incidences of Hot Flashes

Poses such as Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana and Supta Padmasana help in releasing the excess heat from the body, thereby easing hot flashes. Practice the poses slowly with focus on your breath. This helps in calming your body and mind alike.

5. Eases Night Sweats

Night sweats during menopause is caused due to poor oxygen and blood supply and an increased rate of blood pressure. Regular practice of yoga helps in improving the blood and oxygen circulation. It also helps in regulating the blood pressure, thereby alleviating hot flashes. Corpse Pose is the best way to calm and relax yourself to lower blood pressure level.

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6. Helps In Smoother Transition

Women who practice yoga are known to have a smoother transition to menopause. The bleeding and pain they experience during menstruation declines, helping the body prepare for menopause. It also helps in maintaining your calm, physically and emotionally.

7. Prevents Fractures And Rheumatism

Women, who are in their menopausal stage, are highly prone to fractures and rheumatism. These conditions arise from the fact that estrogen levels dip. When her body lacks estrogen protection, calcium depletion occurs. This, if left uncared, could pave way for painful conditions such as arthritis and fractures. Regular practice of yoga strengthens the bones and balances the hormonal levels, thereby preventing such conditions.

8. Helps In Managing Mood Swings And Depression

Regular practice of yoga poses and breathing techniques help menopausal women gain control over the mind. It also improves the circulation of blood to the brain. In short, yoga helps women ward off the depression and mood swings and maintain herself while managing the changing body in a better way.

According to a study that was published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, regular practice of Hatha Yoga could have positive impacts on “psychological symptoms” (e.g., depression, sleep disorders) among women who participated in yoga”. Even though the study did not find any evidences that prove the positive effects of yoga on managing pain, fatigue, hot flashes, night and sweats, women practitioners vouch for these benefits. So, start practicing today!