How Yogurt Is Healthier Than Milk?

Many people often debate the fact whether yoghurt is healthier than milk or vice-versa. It is easy to point out that both these are dairy products, so many of you would like to believe that these essentials have the same constituents, so how does one make a call on what is healthier? Many of you would want to have an answer to this question, so here are a few reasons on how yoghurt is healthier than milk.

1) If You Are Lactose Intolerant, You Don’t Have To Worry: The biggest concern and worry people have about dairy products is that the lactose intolerant people cannot consume milk and all related dairy products. However, yoghurt can be enjoyed as much by the people who are lactose intolerant since there is no lactose in yoghurt. It gets converted to lactic acid when it is fermented to make yoghurt.

Yogurt and milk

2) Get Better Digestion And Relief For Common Intestinal Problems: Yoghurt is known to have bacteria due to fermentation process that make the intestine digest food better and also help provide relief from common problems like diarrhoea and constipation. The bacteria in yoghurt also help get rid of many different kinds of bacteria that can cause food poisoning. It has been established that yoghurt helps the intestine get rid of bacteria the Helicobacter pylori, which are known to be a cause of ulcers and can also lead to inflammation in the digestive tract.

3) Get More Protein And Vitamins: If one was to compare the protein content in milk and yoghurt, it would be a surprise to many that yoghurt contains more protein. During fermentation, some of the milk solids are converted to protein and that makes yogurt a richer and healthier source of protein than milk. Yoghurt also is known to be a source of some of the rare vitamins (these are also found in milk) such as the Vitamin B12, riboflavin and Vitamin B2. If you love your yoghurt, you should eat it a little more for it provides some vital vitamins.

4) Improve Your Immune System: the bacteria in Yoghurt help ward off many bacteria and also yoghurt helps the body fight some common day to day problems by strengthening the immune system of the body by helping it fight the bad kind of bacteria.

5) Rich And Good Source Of Calcium: As one clearly knows, yoghurt is made from milk and milk is a rich source of calcium. The same holds true for yoghurt as well, it is a rich source of calcium and can also be given to kids you general sniffle at the thought of having milk or in the case are lactose intolerant. It makes for a great and natural source of calcium for the body.

6) It Is Better And Less Adultered: If you are someone who ferments yoghurt at home regularly, you would have observed that there is sometimes a little water on the yoghurt. This water is nothing but the excess of water that was mixed in milk. When the bacteria ferment the milk to make yoghurt, all that extra water is a residue. So, yoghurt is more concentrated with minerals, vitamins and good part of milk. Have yoghurt as a healthier option.

7) Shed Extra Weight: Yoghurt is one of the most recommended and highly healthy foods when it comes to losing weight. While it brings to the daily diet a balance of all kinds vitamins, minerals and nutrients, it also helps improve digestion and cleanse the intestine of all unwanted bacteria that could cause one to feel hungry or eat more since the body is not getting proper nutrition. However, it is not recommended to eat flavoured yoghurt as these are loaded with extra sugar and additives for flavour and taste. You could gain weight instead of losing it and you would find yourself blaming the wrong part of your diet.

If you find yourself reacting differently to yoghurt or feel uneasy after eating yoghurt, it would make sense to see a doctor at the earliest. It is important to see if your body reacts any differently once you start consuming yoghurt regularly, if you are not someone who has had it as a part of daily diet since childhood.