Understanding the plant Cannabis

I don’t understand the reason behind all the hushed conversations and under the counter chats about cannabis? Doesn’t everyone know that it is out there, it is being used for so many good reasons and that it is not going away?

Besides being less harmful than its friend the tobacco leaf, it was also first to the party. This plant and the herb were used long before anyone thought it was some act of taboo, so why now all the hype?

plant Cannabis

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis, also known sometimes as weed, marijuana, or pot and probably by now new names have been created, comes from the Indian plant Hemp. When the flowers of this plant are dried and harvested this is when the drug is produced. The oil of this plant is becoming increasingly popular and is being used in many medical components.

Although this plant is made up of many compounds, the 2 that are the most used and sort after are CBD and THC.


Cannabidiol or CBD is the part that is non-psychoactive and has no effect on getting you high. Its main purpose is to treat chronic pain relief, inflammation and has shown a lot of promise in helping with and regulating seizures, or patients with epilepsy.

THC or the super long name tetrahydrocannabinol is where the psychoactive compound comes in and this is where you can get that ‘high’ feeling or experience. You can read here https://www.healthline.com/health/what-is-cannabis#components for a more detailed look into their differences and components.

What are the Advantages of Using cannabis?

You might not think it or want to believe it but there are some extraordinary benefits from this plant. Everyone likes to focus on the negatives, and that’s the easy part. What about always looking at the glass half full? There is always a silver lining, you just have to choose to look for it. Some of the perks might surprise you.

  • Compared to tobacco smokers, a study has shown that not only are the lungs less or if even at all harmed from smoking cannabis, but the capacity and efficacy of them were significantly higher.
  • Alzheimer’s. While it is not a cure, it has been known to reduce the cells that cause plaque in the brain, and this plaque is what kills brain cells and leads to the disease onset and increase.
  • Arthritis. Because it is known for its pain relief properties, it helps with the inflammation and discomfort in patients with arthritis and can help with better sleep patterns.
  • It affects the neurons and the NeuroSystems in the brain, thus regulating it and helping control the outburst of moods and fits in epilepsy. Seizures have also been said to have decreased to less than half of what they were before using cannabis.

There are so many more to mention, if you watch this URL clip you will see and hear a deeper meaning behind the green plant getting everyone worked up. You can form your own opinion and no harm is done, knowledge is never wasted, and all that happens is you learn something new today.

Just looking at this picture gives you, if you had to begin with, a tingle of doubt into if it is as bad as people like to say. New and creative ways are being experimented with to include cannabis in the ingredient list, and the results are surprisingly good.

There are a variety of options to choose from, various methods to ingest it and fun food items being tried and tested.

When you go into a typical cannabis selling shop, don’t expect to see dreadlocks and beanbags everywhere with people lounging in a cloud of smoke. Oh no. They are more sophisticated than you think and it’s as if you’re going down the local corner shop.

The shelves and tables are stocked with perfect packaging, big glass jars with lollipops spraying out of them and neatly labeled boxes lined against the walls. This is known as a cannabis dispensary and they can fulfill your needs whether a new or regular customer.

If you are looking to host a party with fun baked goods and bowls of gummy treats, or just want to sit on the couch with a hot cup of tea and binge watch movies, they have a product for you.

Live your life.