What Do You Need To Start Vaping?

Vaping has taken up a significant portion of recreational activity. You may have chosen to begin it when you see how much fun people around you have with it. Or maybe you have realized that it ranks 95% safer than smoking, and you want to quit smoking to take it up. Or you want to experiment and see if you like it. Any reason is as good as the other. This guide helps you find your footing if you don’t know where to start with vaping.


It’s Not That Complicated

Vaping may have looked complicated with all the device choices out there. You may not know where to begin and what you need to start this journey. The good news is it’s not that complicated. You need to know that it hits differently from cigarette smoke. You should keep this in mind if you have smoked before.

The vapor tastes much better than smoke and hits your throat more strongly. The same applies to people who have not smoked before, and even more so because the vapor may overwhelm the first time. Because of this, you need to start with small hits so you can get used to it.

The Flavorful World of Vapes

You also need to be aware that e-liquids come in a world of different flavors. These tastes give you a fantastic vaping experience as they linger in the mouth and throat. They come with varying concentrations of nicotine, while others have zero nicotine concentration. This information comes in handy for those who don’t want to get addicted to vaping and for those who want to quit smoking and get off nicotine addiction gradually.

The different nicotine concentrations allow you to get the hit that suits you and reduce when you want to start getting off it. This concentration guide helps smokers who want to replace smoking with vaping. 0.6% nicotine concentrate in the e-liquid covers someone who used to smoke 1-10 cigarettes a fay.1.2% nicotine concentrate gives you the equivalent of smoking 10-20 cigarettes a day. In comparison, 1.8% concentration gives you enough nicotine to equal over 20 cigarettes a day.

Vapor Concentrations

E-liquids also come in different compositions. You have two main components that makeup vapes. You have vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin in high concentration gives you a smoother hit and feels gentler to your airwaves. If you get into vapes for the sheer fun of cloud-blowing, you need to get vapes with a higher propylene glycol concentration. Note that this one does not give you such a smooth hit.

Technology Vs. Simplicity

Starting as a vaping beginner can confuse you. It helps if you start with the most straightforward vape kit called a starter kit. A starter kit comes ready to go with everything you need, from a battery, e-liquid, to the coils. You only need to press the power button to get into the vaping business. The starter kit can come either as a pen, mod, or pod option. Cells give the simplest operations as they only need to get powered to work with minimal settings. Pods allow you to switch out the pods with different flavors, while mods offer the most customization. You can always build up from where you choose to begin.