What is The Cause of Bad Breath?

Bad breath can either be chronic or transient (temporary). Bad breath can be caused by poor dental hygiene, the food you have recently eaten, diet, drugs and medical conditions such as stress.

To get rid of bad breath temporarily you can control the foods you eat and keep good dental hygiene as well as cover up the odor with mint flavored products. For chronic bad breath you may need to see a medical professional.

How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

There are many ways to cure bad breath, from the very familiar to the less familiar. To get rid of bad breath you can…

  • Increase saliva by chewing something without sugar or gently pressing on your tongue with your teeth to mimic the action of chewing.
  • Clean your mouth Brush your teeth or use some mouthwash (but we know you knew this one!) Look for Mouth rinses containing chlorhexidine, zinc gluconate, and chlorine dioxide. Using a tongue brush or scraper will also help. Don’t have one? A small spoon can be substituted.
  • Cover up. Use bad breath products (mouthwashes, sprays, gums, mints and pills (again no surprises so far).
  • Try something natural. Chewing fresh parsley or fresh mint. Buy it at your supermarket or grow it yourself.
  • Something a little stronger Hydrogen peroxide rinse – diluted to a 1.5% solution (with water) and gargled but not swallowed. (Take care with this one!
  • Drink unsweetened green tea.

Bad Breath

Prevent bad breath:

Bodily imbalances caused by poor nutrition, dehydration, stress, smoking, certain drugs and prescription medications can lead to bad breath.

Stay hydrated. If your urine is dark, you’re dehydrated. Also make sure to choose foods wisely. Try temporarily avoiding onions, garlic, dairy products, alcohol, and acidic beverages like coffee. Check the ingredients on processed foods

If you are on a diet try reverting back to your normal eating habits for a couple of days to see if this helps. Do not over load on fat or protein as this can lead to Ketosis and bad breath.

Chronic bad breath

Chronic bad breath is most often caused by bacteria or gum disease. Take special care of your dental hygiene. Are you brushing thoroughly 2-3 times a day and including mouth wash, flossing and tongue scraping in your regimen?

There are some clinics that can perform specialized testing to determine which strain of bacteria is causing the bad breath and then prescribe a personalized treatment. Chronic halitosis can also be caused by certain drugs and medical conditions.

Pets with bad breath

Animals tend to get bad breath for many of the same reasons people do. The most common cause is tooth and gum problems. If your animal develops a fierce case of halitosis, take a trip to the vet. Dog bad breath treatments as well as cat bad breath treatments are available in the following forms:

  • Treats
  • Pet toothpastes
  • Pet mouth washes and sprays
  • Dental cleanings (by a vet)