Why Hanging Out at a Bar During the Pandemic Is a Terrible Idea

Ours is a generation that works very hard be it in the aspect of personal life or professional life. We toil till we reach the perfect mark, don’t we? Also, let’s not forget the competition that we face in every area of our lives, the struggle sure is real for each one of us. And while most of us are contributors to the tech world, we live a very sedentary at-the-desk only kind of life, isn’t it? We ensure that on all working days we contribute our 100 percent. And when Friday nears, we cannot wait to go visit our favorite bar or restaurant, drink some wine or beer and socialize with our circle of friends and family. The weekend is the most sought after time in everybody’s lives these days. That’s the time when we don’t worry about anything and just live in the moment.

But the onset of the novel coronavirus seems to have brought that happy phase of our lives to a standstill, isn’t it? We cannot live the same way again, there is going to be something called the new normal that we’ll have to face now. While some of the parts of the world are still observing a complete lockdown, some countries have recovered from coronavirus and are slowly opening up their economy. Some who are still battling the peak of coronavirus are also opening up their businesses like restaurants and pubs because if they don’t do it, their economy will hit the dead end and it will probably take decades for their country to bounce back.

Bar During the Pandemic

All over the world right from California to Colorado, Florida, Texas, and other US states to countries like Ireland, several pubs are gearing to open up with some fresh brews. However, health experts are saying that even if you find bars or pubs opening up near your home, it is best advised to grab a drink and drink at home as bars are bound to be breeding grounds of coronavirus. Here are a few reasons why hanging out at your favorite bar during this pandemic is a terrible idea. Read on.

  1. The Coronavirus Is Most Likely To Thrive, Survive, And Spread Quickly Indoors

This doesn’t just apply to just sipping a drink at the bar, even if you’re at a church service, gambling in a casino, working at an office, or drinking beer at a pub, or attending a party—there is rising evidence that shows how being in a closed environment for longer durations with other humans and their germs are the most fool-proof way to fall prey to Covid-19, the illness caused due to the newest member of the coronavirus. Some studies prove that nearly 80 percent of the coronavirus outbreaks were a result of some or the other indoor group activity or gathering.

  1. Speaking Loudly, Cheering, Singing—All Of this Help The Coronavirus To Spread Easily Amongst People

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows a report which has studied the majority of the coronavirus cases in Japan in the early months of 2020 shows that a maximum number of cases that sprouted in Japan were a result of people who engaged in heavy breathing while being close to each other. For example, while singing at karaoke parties, engaging in conversation at the bars, cheering at parties and clubs, and while exercising in the gym. It is natural for the droplets from a person’s sneeze, cough, etc. to fall on others in such scenarios, isn’t it?

  1. After Having A Drink Or Two, The Norms Of Physical Distancing Tend To Disappear At Bars

We have seen it and also done it, right? Bars are one of the places where we take our dates along because, under the influence of alcohol, one can easily gather the courage to cozy up with their partners. Even if you have gone with your friends, after a drink or two, you tend to be in high spirits hugging and laughing with them over petty jokes. And when health organizations all over the world have been talking about social distancing as one of the primary precautionary steps to be taken to curb the spread of the virus—this is something that is impossible to follow at a bar when you are keen on getting high.

  1. Taking Your Masks Off While Having Your Drink Increases Your Risk Of Infection

When at a bar you will certainly remove your masks to down your drink and it is not like you’ll wear it back after taking a sip. Imagine you take your masks off and someone sneezes or coughs around you. The chances of contracting the coronavirus in such circumstances are real and are certainly very high!

  1. Sun Helps Kill The Virus, But Bars Have Little To No Sun At All

Recent studies by virologists reveal that the coronavirus stays the most inactivated while in the sun. it stays for around 6 minutes in the sun and 20 minutes active without the sun. But most of the bars are low lit, there is very little to no sun at all in the bars. This increases the chances of contracting the virus in case there is an infected surface around you.

  1. People Who Look All Healthy Have More Potential Of Spreading The Virus

Scientists have begun to notice that those who are asymptomatic are the ones who have spread the virus the most. In fact, studies say that people tend to spread the virus most when they show no symptoms or are just developing them. This means that in the bar, all those healthy-looking patrons could actually be the hotbeds of the coronavirus.

All these above-mentioned points go on to say that stay away from bars even if they are reopening now for your own safety. And even if you want to support your local business, consider taking your drinks on the go, enjoy it in some open space outside where social distancing is followed or at the comfort of your homes.