Affordable DIY Home Improvement: How To Add Modern Designs And Style To Old Plain Doors

Modern homes feature doors with panels that provide elegance and style, but if you live in older homes, the doors may just be plain and simple. Sadly, doors in older homes can sometimes look cheap and unattractive and having them replaced can cost you a lot, as well as take up plenty of your time. Fortunately, there is a way for you to transform those boring doors into stylish modern doors that will add sophistication to your home’s interior design.

The best way to transform old doors into modern stylish doors is to create panels to be glued to the doors and/or decorate them with ready made or customized door accessories. You do not have to spend too much on them, but if you will not be working within a budget you can opt to create six panels per door and use customized accessories.

How To Create The Panels

Style To Old Plain DoorsDraw two identical squares on the old doors using measurements according to your preference. The squares should be one on top of the other so you know where the panels should be. Then note down the measurements of the squares and add three inches or more to each, as these additional inches will be used to shape the panel corners and to avoid making mistakes.

You can create the panels with 1.5 inches of molding that can be bought at local home improvement stores. If you will be making two panels on one side of the door, remember that you will also have to place panels on the other side as well. That means four panels for every door of your home, so the cost can add up according to the number of panels to be used and the number of doors to be improved.

Every panel will be made from four strips joining at the corners to form a square, so you will need a saw that can cut at an angle of 45 degrees. However, if you will be unable to saw them at home, you can have it done at the store instead.

Attaching The Panels To The Doors …

Glue the four pieces of each panel at the corners to create a picture frame and allow them to dry. Remove your old doors from their hinges and lay them on the floor over a plastic sheet. Spread glue on the back of the first panel using a glue gun and then attach the panel to a door where you had drawn the square. Then proceed with the other panel and then leave them to dry before you turn the door to repeat the process on the other side.

Once the panels have dried on both sides of the door, you can then paint the panels to make them blend together with the door. Replace the doors on their hinges when the paint is dry.

Decorating Your Doors

Many think that doors do not need decorations, but this is not completely true as door accessories can really add style and sophistication to doors and the overall home interior design. In fact by simply painting the door panels with another color, you are already decorating your doors with accessories. You can also hang plaques, lattice work and mirror/glass art, as well as iron wall décor on your doors. This will allow you to remove or change accessories according to the seasons or when you are bored with them. Another unique and trendy door accessory is the Basin Custom decorative door straps that can be installed on the door to provide an impression of decorative strap hinges.

Doors with center windows can still be decorated with hanging door décor, but the accessories used should be able to allow light in. You can opt for landscape edging or stained glass windows and create DIY hanging door art. If you are artistic and have time to be creative, you can paint abstract murals, willow trees and landscapes.