Choosing The Right National Moving Companies For Your Move

Few people decide to move their home on a whim, so for most of us, the decision to uproot your family and go off in search of a better life takes some planning. There’s selling your house, finding a new place to live, finding a new job, looking at schools if you have children, even the simpler things like having your mail redirected and changing phone companies need to be thought about.

However, one of the biggest challenges can often be finding the best national moving companies – who can not only provide you with a great price, but also excellent service, and above all be careful and trustworthy. While there are quite literally thousands of moving companies throughout the US, not all of them are created equal, and not all of them are going to be able to help you when you are moving nationally.


Too Small, Too Big, or Just Right?

There are certainly some advantages to using a smaller local firm:

  • Their business relies on their reputation being well known, and trusted
  • Small firms are often family run or very tight knit employers, so work well and smoothly together (meaning you’ll have a fast and efficient pack-up)

However, there are some definite advantages to using a company that has a nationwide base:

  • They are experienced in moving homes, just like yours, all over the country
  • They are able to get bulk deals which they may pass on to you as a savings
  • They have a nationwide reputation to protect, and are easier to attack through social media if things go wrong
  • They have offices all over the country so are easy to get in contact with
  • The number of vans and trucks they have mean that if the one carrying your load breaks down, they can quickly get another to take over your shipping
  • Having a number of offices means that you should be able to save on storage fees by using their facilities on route

Although using an International company can also have some advantages:

  • If you are going from coast to coast you may find it cheaper to ship rather than truck (although not usually as fast)
  • Very high quality of packing as they are used to securing belongings to be safe in stormy seas

So, a lot of the decision about which sort of moving company you should use will come down to what your requirements are. Although a lot of people, and websites, focus of price, this isn’t always the primary driver when choosing a relocation specialist.

Time Keeping

If you have time constraints including short notice or specific dates, then you may find yourself willing to work with a company that is able to guarantee their time management skills. To confirm that you are working with such a company, ask what sort of assurance they offer and what the consequences are if your goods are not picked up or not delivered at the right time? If the company seems a little wishy-washy and isn’t able to give you concrete confirmation, then you might want to keep looking. Although bear in mind that much of the time the person doing the quote has little to do with the actual organization of personnel or trucks. Get any promises that have been made to you in writing, with explicit detail.


Often there will be a delay between having one house packed up and moved and the other house ready to receive your belongings. In this case you want to be assured that the company is able to look after your goods in a safe and secure facility (not like this), whether at the current location, future location, or somewhere on route. Ideally you will want to work with a company that is going to pack everything into a shipping container, load the container on a truck to undertake your move. This way the company is able to store the container at a secure location, rather than having to unpack a truck and then repack it. Not only can having to pack & repack a moving truck cost you more in labor fees, but It also increases your risk of items getting lost or damaged. Being able to have everything set up in a shipping container means that your goods stay securely in the way you saw them leave.

Safety Assurance

If you have valuable or precious items, you will want to be completely confident that the people packing and moving them know how to treat them to ensure that there is not damage. Of course, the vast majority of moving companies pride themselves on doing their best to ensure that your goods are well looked after.

While, there are some companies that specialize in fragile shipping, these will often be more likely to focus on simply shipping one or two items, rather than a whole house lot that contains several fragile items. This may, of course, be an excellent option if you only have a couple of priceless artifacts. However, for the majority of people you just need to confirm that the moving company is able to provide what is known as an international pack. This will mean that your furniture as well as artwork and breakables will be covered in something like a paper covered bubble wrap for additional protection.

You will often find this type of move uses more boxes because they don’t pack so many items into larger boxes.

Good Reviews

The modern age means that there is no hiding – and this works well when you are trying to find a reputable company to work with. When you are down to your top three moving firms, search social media and internet reviews to see what the general feedback is. However, do be aware that national companies will have different staff in each location, so that may often change the worth of a review. It is also true that the people who tend to write comments or reviews are passionate about the service, and often only those who are negatively passionate. The vast majority who found the moving company to be “fine” and do the job they were paid to do well, don’t get around to writing a review.