DIY: How To Fix Your Oven Faults

All home cooks, moms, dads and young adults know it: the cooker is the centre of the kitchen and the home. That’s why it’s so frustrating when something goes wrong.

Picture this: a hungry family waiting, a pizza prepared for the oven, you turn the knob and… nothing. It’s broken!

Here are a few common cooker faults and how you can fix them.

1) It’s Like Antarctica In There!

Your oven isn’t heating up? Well, if the thermostat light is on and the fan is running, it’s likely your fan or oven elements that have failed. These can be tested for continuity and replaced.


It might be a fault with the changeover switch. That’s the thingamebob that selects the cooker functions and has a thermostat mounted on the back. In this case, your best option would then be to replace the oven changeover switch.

In some cases, it could be a safety thermostat or thermal fuse that’s packed up. The reason for this might be poor ventilation. But, fear not, it can be fixed.

2) Farewell, Oven Door

I have this problem myself. Luckily it can be fixed by replacing the door hinges or hinge runners.

Most of the time, the rollers of the hinge runners will fail and place strain on the hinges themselves. The whole system becomes flawed, and it’s important to replace all the hinges, runners and rollers. You can bet that if one’s failed, the others are bound to follow suit.

3) Charcoal For Supper

When the pies go in for twenty minutes and come out with the approximate density and look of coal, you know your oven is too hot.

This is usually down to a thermostat failure. You’ll have to replace it, and when you do, you have to be exceptionally careful with the ‘phial’ which contains a temperature probe. If you break it, your oven won’t work anymore.

4) The Cooker Is Deceased

Check out the simplest explanations first. In other words, check the electricity supply is functional. If it’s not that, make sure your oven isn’t on automatic.

If all else fails, you will have to check the fuse and the mains cable with a meter. It’s important not to live test here!

5) Shattered Glass 

This can be a little perplexing, because there’s no set reason for why it happens. It can be from hot dishes touching the glass or from slamming the door. It might be from a faulty door seal, a thermostat problem or impact damage.

Unfortunately, these explosive occurrences aren’t as easy to fix. You’ll have to special order a replacement. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

6) Oven Be illin’, Aint No Grillin’

This means the grill element is failing, but it could also be down to the changeover switch or overheat thermostat. All are replaceable and relatively easy to rectify.

Please keep safe when you’re fixing anything to do with electricity. When in doubt, get some professional help and call in an expert repairman.

What problems have you experienced with your cooker and how have you resolved them? Drop a comment in the box below.