Getting Rid Of Chipped Concrete

Concrete is known for its durability, strength and hardness. However, at times they get chipped off. Usually concrete pills off or gets chipped when something harder impacts it. Harder metals like steel and iron can chip off concrete easily. Whenever there is a chipped concrete, the most important thing to do even before fixing the chipped concrete is to evaluate. Evaluating the extent of chipped concrete is very much necessary in determining whether you need to hire a professional or can fix it up yourself. For normal chipped concrete and minor ones, it is not too difficult in repairing the chipped concrete by self. To patch up a chipped concrete, you must follow these steps:

Clean the portion you need to repair

Debris is normal in case of chipped concrete. To allow you patch up the chipped concrete you must first clean away all dirt and debris from the portion. To repair for the better it is advisable to chip down to the solid material beneath the concrete. You will require a chisel and a hammer to chip off a bit extra to the solid material beneath the concrete. You can then clean the portion with a broom, brush or a hand vacuum cleaner.

Wet the area with water

To ensure that no more debris is left, you should clean the portion with water. Don’t allow any extra water as residue; use it only to dampen the portion. Dampened concrete will also help in patching up the portion easily.

Create and apply the mix

Quikrete Vinyl Concrete Patcher, is known to be a self-bonding cement mix, is mostly used to apply as a patch. You can also mix household cement, sand and water to form a mixture for concrete patch. Proper quantity of sand and cement is necessary to form a good bond. You can use a trowel to apply the mix in the chipped area. Be sure to apply evenly and with enough pressure to close any cracks formed in the concrete. Sometimes chipped concrete needs layers for a better repair; in such cases apply the layers of mixture with at least two hour interval between two layers.

Mould and fix large repairs

For large repairs such as chipped portion of a concrete pillar, you will require a form or a mould for applying mix. This will enable you keep the mix for longer duration in the same form. You can make a form or mould by wood. Often nails and duct tapes are used for the form. Before taking out the form, allow the cement to dry overnight.